About Us

IOP Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute of Physics. The Institute is a leading scientific society promoting physics and bringing physicists together for the benefit of all. It has a worldwide membership of around 50,000 comprising physicists from all sectors. It works to advance physics research, application and education, and engages with policy makers and the public to develop awareness and understanding of physics. Any profits generated by the publishing company are used by the Institute to support science and scientists in both the developed and developing world.

IOP Publishing provides a range of journals, ebooks, magazines, conference proceedings and websites for the scientific community. These products and services enable researchers and research organisations to reach the widest possible audience for their research. We combine the culture of a learned society with global reach and highly efficient and effective publishing systems and processes. With offices in the UK, US, China and Japan, and staff in many other locations including Mexico and Sydney, we serve researchers in the physical and related sciences in all parts of the world.


We publish more than 70 journals and magazines, some owned by IOP and others published in partnership with other prestigious societies and research organisations. Many of the journals are among the most highly cited in their fields.


In 2014 we published more than 30,000 journal articles.



Articles in our journals were downloaded approximately 22 million times in 2014.

High-value scientific information

Beyond publication in peer-reviewed journals, we make the latest scientific information easily accessible to a wider audience through a portfolio of websites, magazines, conference proceedings and a multitude of electronic services. Our range of websites includes a site dedicated to showcasing research from the Asia-Pacific region as well as local-language websites for Japan, China and Latin America. We exploit new technology and our understanding of how researchers work to deliver scientific information in the formats that users need and in ways that maximise recognition for authors.

High-value editorial coverage

From fundamental research to commercial utilisation, our market-leading websites and magazines deliver high-value editorial coverage. That means:

  • expert commentary from senior figures in industry and academia;
  • detailed analysis and incisive opinion on all of the latest R&D, emerging technologies and commercial applications;
  • accessible technology coverage in a commercial context;
  • in-depth interviews with foremost authorities.

Discover more with IOPscience

IOPscience is an innovative online publishing platform hosting content from more than 70 journals published by IOP Publishing and our partners. It incorporates leading technology to enhance the discovery and reading of scientific, technical and medical research. With IOPscience you can receive RSS feeds and e-mail alerts when new content is published that matches your criteria, share articles using social bookmarking, and find relevant content quickly with the enhanced search filtering.

Our flagship news website

Our flagship website physicsworld.com provides news, views and information for the physical sciences community. Updated daily, it covers the biggest breakthroughs in the physical sciences, together with a lively blog and innovative multimedia offerings. Fresh news and views from a dedicated team of science journalists make it essential reading for everyone interested in the physical sciences.