Open Physics

Increasing access, transparency and inclusivity across the physical sciences


We believe conducting science more openly can accelerate scientific discovery. IOP Publishing is committed to supporting the wider adoption of open practices across the physical sciences and we call this approach open physics.

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How can open physics accelerate discovery?


Open physics can broaden scientific engagement and collaboration through wider and faster access

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Open physics can enhance scientific integrity through greater transparency

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Open physics can expand the pool of scientific ideas through broader inclusivity

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How do we support


Our contribution to open physics combines an evolving programme of publications, activities and policies that we believe will not only encourage and support increased access, transparency and inclusivity but do so in ways and timeframes that will serve the needs of the global physical science community.

As a learned society publisher, IOP Publishing is embedded in the physical science community, ensuring that our contribution to open physics will develop in dialogue and collaboration with the groups most central to its successful implementation, including physical scientists, librarians, partner societies and funders.