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10 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing and Publons partner to tackle challenges in peer review

Over the next 12 months, IOP Publishing (IOPP) will be collaborating with research recognition experts Publons to address three core challenges in peer review – recognition and transparency; diversity; and efficiency. The two organisations will work together on researching, developing and implementing ways to solve these challenges. Marc Gillett, Head of Publishing Operations for IOP...

07 Feb 2020

Mapping the future direction for bioprinting research

The way research in bioprinting will be taken forward has been laid out in a roadmap for the field. Published today in IOP Publishing’s Biofabrication, leading researchers define the status, challenges and opportunities in the field, and forecast the required advances in science & technology to overcome the challenges to a range of bioprinting techniques...

06 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing strengthens commitment to open science

The society publisher’s ‘open physics’ programme is about making science more accessible, transparent and inclusive IOP Publishing (IOPP), the society-owned publisher, has set out its commitments to supporting open science across the physical sciences with the launch of open physics. Open physics is rooted in IOPP’s belief that conducting science more openly can accelerate scientific...

05 Feb 2020

New resource boosts support for Chinese researchers

IOP Publishing (IOPP) has launched a new website dedicated to helping researchers in China navigate the world of scientific publishing. IOPChina will offer Chinese researchers information on their publishing options, and how IOPP can work with them in getting their latest research published. It also has a section for librarians, along with the latest news....

04 Feb 2020

New handheld bioprinter holds promise for treating serious burns

A team of researchers in Canada have successfully trialled a new handheld 3D skin printer, which treats severe burns by ‘printing’ new skins cells directly onto a wound. Although the new system is in the early stages of development, it may eventually provide a way to treat patients whose burn injuries are too extensive to...

30 Jan 2020

Graphene Flagship publishes handbook of graphene manufacturing in 2D Materials

Encompassing more than 1,500 references and the knowledge of 70 co-authors from EU-funded Graphene Flagship partners and associate members, the article aims to provide a single source of knowledge on graphene and related layered materials (GRMs). Graphene is already being used in many commercial applications, with numerous new products on the horizon. However, lack of...

22 Jan 2020

IOP Publishing signs new open access agreements with Dutch universities

Researchers from four institutions in the Netherlands will soon benefit from unlimited open access publishing in IOP Publishing (IOPP) journals, thanks to a series of recently agreed ‘read and publish’ agreements. IOPP, a pioneer in open access physics publishing, has secured the agreements with the University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the University...

16 Jan 2020

The Electrochemical Society’s journals go live on IOPscience

The journals of The Electrochemical Society (ECS) are now available on IOP Publishing’s journals platform, IOPscience. The ECS selected IOP Publishing (IOPP) as its new publishing partner in July 2019. In addition to publishing new content in ECS’s flagship journals – Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES) and ECS Journal of Solid State Science and...

12 Dec 2019

Nano Express – a new open access journal from IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is announcing Nano Express, a new open access addition to its materials science portfolio, which will compliment Nanotechnology and Nano Futures as a trio of connected titles dedicated to nanoscience. Nano Express will cover all areas of nanoscale science and technology and articles will be free to read. It will be characterised by...

11 Dec 2019

Study maps abundance of plastic debris across European and Asian rivers

Rivers in southeast Asia transport more plastic to the ocean than some rivers in Europe, evidence from a new study in Environmental Research Letters suggests. In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Netherlands examined the amounts of floating plastic debris at 24 locations on rivers in seven European and Asian countries. Lead...

11 Dec 2019

‘Daring multi-level club solution’ could offer key to combating climate change

‘Climate clubs’ offering membership for sub-national states, rather than just countries, could speed up progress towards a globally-harmonised climate change policy. This is the key finding of a new study by researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain, published today in Environmental Research Letters. The study’s lead author, Nick Martin from UAB, explained:...