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30 Mar 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

IOP Publishing acknowledges the devastating impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having around the world.  Ensuring a safe environment for our employees and customers is our key focus, while minimising disruptions to allow our services to continue. This outlines the measures we have taken – these will be adjusted as necessary as we regularly assess developments. What...

27 Mar 2020

Publons Article badges go live on IOPScience

In collaboration with Publons, IOP Publishing has introduced Article Badges to show when an article includes open peer review reports. The badges allow readers to see a summary of the article’s peer review history, including the number of revisions, editor decision letters and authors’ responses. Clicking the badge brings up the article’s complete peer review...

23 Mar 2020

Coronavirus articles – free to access content from IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing acknowledges the devastating impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having around the world and we will do whatever we can to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers and others who are working to address this public health emergency. As part of our response, all relevant published and forthcoming articles in our journals (listed below) will...

13 Mar 2020

China increases remote access to scientific information for students in response to Coronavirus lock down

OpenAthens authentication services offer a technical solution for Chinese students and research who need remote access to IOP Publishing’s journal platform, IOPscience. Since the start of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Chinese schools, universities and research organisations have been in lock down. Many of China’s learners and researchers have needed to stay at home, losing access...

04 Mar 2020

IOP Publishing launches 2019 Annual Report

IOP Publishing (IOPP) has released its 2019 Annual Report. It sets out how IOPP has contributed to ensuring trust in scientific research, and advancing scientific discovery through its widest dissemination. It also looks at how this work will continue into 2020. During 2019, IOPP worked to improve its services to researchers, reviewers, editors and publishing...

02 Mar 2020

New ‘organ-on-a-chip’ system holds promise for drug toxicity screening

Researchers in the US have developed a new multi-organ-on-a-chip to test how new drugs affect the human body’s vital organs. Developing new drugs can come at enormous financial cost, which can be wasted if the drug must be withdrawn due to unforeseen side effects. The research team believes their new system – containing representations of...

27 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing celebrates one millionth article (and counting)

IOP Publishing celebrates one millionth article (and counting) 27 Feb 2020 Simon Davies Millionth article is published in New Journal of Physics, the pioneering open access journal launched by the Institute of Physics and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft Milestone is reached as 150,000 archive articles from The Electrochemical Society are added to IOPscience   IOP...

26 Feb 2020

Introducing Materials for Quantum Technology – a new open access journal from IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing has launched Materials for Quantum Technology, a new fully open access journal devoted to the development and application of materials science for all quantum-enabled technologies and devices. Supported by a diverse Editorial Board of leading experts in the field, Materials for Quantum Technology is a highly selective, multidisciplinary journal that recognises the significant...

25 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing and the Austrian Academic Library Consortium renew three-year OA agreement

Researchers and students at 10 institutions in Austria will continue to benefit from unlimited open access publishing in IOP Publishing (IOPP) journals. This is thanks to the renewal of the agreement between IOPP, the Austrian Academic Library Consortium (Kooperation E-Medien Österreich, KEMÖ) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The agreement enables Austrian researchers’ article publication...

10 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing and Publons partner to tackle challenges in peer review

Over the next 12 months, IOP Publishing (IOPP) will be collaborating with research recognition experts Publons to address three core challenges in peer review – recognition and transparency; diversity; and efficiency. The two organisations will work together on researching, developing and implementing ways to solve these challenges. Marc Gillett, Head of Publishing Operations for IOP...

07 Feb 2020

Mapping the future direction for bioprinting research

The way research in bioprinting will be taken forward has been laid out in a roadmap for the field. Published today in IOP Publishing’s Biofabrication, leading researchers define the status, challenges and opportunities in the field, and forecast the required advances in science & technology to overcome the challenges to a range of bioprinting techniques...

06 Feb 2020

IOP Publishing strengthens commitment to open science

The society publisher’s ‘open physics’ programme is about making science more accessible, transparent and inclusive IOP Publishing (IOPP), the society-owned publisher, has set out its commitments to supporting open science across the physical sciences with the launch of open physics. Open physics is rooted in IOPP’s belief that conducting science more openly can accelerate scientific...