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Contrail, courtesy of Mick West

“Chemtrails” not real, say leading atmospheric science experts

Well-understood physical and chemical processes can easily explain the alleged evidence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program.

Photo of a midge, Pixabay, CC0

Collective hum: buzzing midges inspire new swarm theory

Scientists propose ‘adaptive gravity’ as a versatile model for collective animal behaviour A team of researchers based in Israel and the US has found a mathematical resemblance between swarm dynamics and gravitational interactions.

Photograph of Westmill Solar Park (photo courtesy of Neil B. Maw).

Solar panels study reveals impact on the earth

Researchers have produced the first detailed study of the impact of solar parks on the environment, opening the door to smarter forms of farming and better land management.

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IOP Publishing celebrates 100th book

IOP Publishing is celebrating reaching the milestone of the publication of its 100th book The 100th title to publish, Butterfly in The Quantum World – The story of the most fascinating quantum fractal by Professor Indubala I Satija, contains a prologue and guest chapter by Douglas Hofstadter, the renowned physicist and author who first wrote […]

15 Sep 2016Bristol, UK

Seismic shield: large-scale metamaterials combat earthquakes in 3D model

Numerical analysis considers both surface and guided waves, accounts for soil dissipation, and provides design guidelines for implementing earthquake protection using an array of ground-based cavities Metamaterials – artificial structures that exhibit extraordinary vibrational properties – could come to the rescue of regions threatened by earthquakes, according to new results published in the New Journal […]

7 Sep 2016
Water droplet on eggbeater-shaped hairs (trichomes) covering the Salvinia molesta leaves.

Scientists explore oil clean-up properties of aquatic ferns

Hairy-leaved plants that selectively soak up oil while repelling water could inspire more efficient environmental remediation.

18 Aug 2016Bristol, UK.

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