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  • Nano Express – a new open access journal from IOP Publishing

    IOP Publishing is announcing Nano Express, a new open access addition to its materials science portfolio, which will compliment Nanotechnology and Nano Futures as a trio of connected titles dedicated to nanoscience. Nano Express will cover all areas of nanoscale science and technology and articles will be free to read. It will be characterised by […]

  • Study maps abundance of plastic debris across European and Asian rivers

    Rivers in southeast Asia transport more plastic to the ocean than some rivers in Europe, evidence from a new study in Environmental Research Letters suggests. In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Netherlands examined the amounts of floating plastic debris at 24 locations on rivers in seven European and Asian countries. Lead […]

  • ‘Daring multi-level club solution’ could offer key to combating climate change

    ‘Climate clubs’ offering membership for sub-national states, rather than just countries, could speed up progress towards a globally-harmonised climate change policy. This is the key finding of a new study by researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain, published today in Environmental Research Letters. The study’s lead author, Nick Martin from UAB, explained: […]

  • IOP SciNotes – an innovative new open access journal for short research publications from IOP Publishing

    IOP Publishing is introducing IOP SciNotes, a new peer-reviewed, open access journal that will enable researchers across the physical and environmental sciences to publish shorter research results and other related outputs, which may not be suited to the traditional full-length journal article format. With IOP SciNotes, IOP Publishing will increase its support for open, transparent […]

  • Jisc and IOP Publishing secure new transitional open access agreement for UK universities

    Agreement allows open access publishing in 44 IOPP journals Removes article publication charges for authors   Researchers at up to 58 UK universities will soon benefit from a new open access (OA) ‘read and publish’ agreement between Jisc and IOP Publishing (IOPP), a pioneer in open access physics publishing. The four-year agreement begins on January […]

  • Energy advances open the door to more aggressive climate policies

    An international research team has called for a more sober discourse around climate change prospects, following an extensive reassessment of climate change’s progress and its mitigation. They argue that climate change models have understated potential warming’s speed and runaway potential, while the models that relate climate science to consequences, choices and policies have understated the […]

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence to aid climate change research and preparedness

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence are expected to provide significant new insights into understanding climate change and how to fight it, according to a study published today in Environmental Research Letters. The study, led by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK, provides a compelling argument that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can […]

  • Increase in cannabis cultivation or residential development could impact water resources, study shows

    Cannabis cultivation could have a significant effect on groundwater and surface water resources when combined with residential use, evidence from a new study suggests. Researchers in Canada and the US investigated potential reductions in streamflow, caused by groundwater pumping for cannabis irrigation, in the Navarro River in Mendocino County, California, and contextualized it by comparing […]