CSPO Editorial Board member appointed to White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force

Dr Jerry Lee, Editorial Board member of IOP Publishing’s journal Convergent Science™ Physical Oncology (CSPO), has been appointed to the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force.

20 Apr 2016New Orleans, USA
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IOP Publishing partners with Editage to launch new manuscript preparation services for authors

IOP Publishing is partnering with Editage, a leader in English language and publication support services, to provide a range of manuscript support services for authors working in physical sciences and engineering.

31 Mar 2016Bristol, UK
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23 Mar 2016Bristol, UK

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Caltech researchers find evidence of a real ninth planet

Covered by The Independent, BBC News, Sky News, The Economist and Discovery News

20 Jan 2016

Saliva test to detect GHB and alcohol poisonings

Covered by BBC Newsbeat, Mail Online and El Mundo (Spanish)

8 Jan 2016

Using magnetic permeability to store information

Covered by E&T Magazine and Nanotechnology News

11 Sep 2015Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Replicating liver cells for fast drug testing

Covered by Yahoo! India News and Medical News Today

11 Sep 2015Biofabrication

Peak emissions at London station worse than road-side equivalents

Covered by London Evening Standard and E&T Magazine

9 Sep 2015Environmental Research Letters

Research News

Charging lion and its prey

Theoretical tiger chases statistical sheep to probe immune system behaviour

Studying the way that solitary hunters such as tigers, bears or sea turtles chase down their prey turns out to be very useful in understanding the interaction between individual white blood cells and colonies of bacteria.

29 Apr 2016Bristol, UK
Image | Nuclear fusion, Pixabay, CC0

Small-scale fusion the new way forward, according to new scientific paper

Power from nuclear fusion has today been shown as possible on a smaller scale than expected, paving the way for rapid development of a clean, base-load energy source.

27 Apr 2016Oxford, UK
Photo | Ocean wave, Pixabay, CC0

Using statistics to predict rogue waves

Scientists have developed a mathematical model to derive the probability of extreme waves.

11 Mar 2016Bristol, UK
Photo | Windfarm in fog, Pixabay, CC0

Clean energy could stress global water resources

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector could lead to greater pressure on water resources, increasing water use and thermal water pollution.

4 Mar 2016IIASA, Austria
Photo | Forest, Pixabay, CC0

We Know How Forests Changed this Month, Thanks to New Satellite Alerts

New methodology allows better resolution forest-tracking satellite data.

2 Mar 2016Washington, D.C., USA

New climate study argues for carbon fee

A new study reports that current rising temperatures already noticeably load the ‘climate dice’, with growing practical impacts.

2 Mar 2016Bristol, UK

Sponge structure key to mopping up oil spills

An interconnected structure, which water can easily flow through, is key to creating a highly effective mechanical sponge for clearing oil spills.

2 Mar 2016Bristol, UK