IOP and CAUL agree new and innovative consortium model

IOP Publishing and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) have announced a new agreement, covering 31 universities in Australia and New Zealand.

13 Feb 2017

The Biophysical Society and IOP Publishing form new partnership to create ebooks program for the biophysics community

The Biophysical Society and IOP Publishing have forged a new publishing partnership to support the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics, through the creation of a comprehensive collection of ebooks.

10 Feb 2017

Insights and opinions on the hottest topics in physics

Presenting Physics World Discovery IOP Publishing is excited to announce the launch of a new resource for the physics community.

9 Feb 2017

IOP Publishing in News

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Did cutting edge optics help Rembrandt draw self-portraits?

Covered by The New York Times, The Times, The Daily Mail and The Smithsonian

14 Jul 2016

Knuckleball machine delivers soccer science

Covered by The Daily Mail, Discovery News' Seeker and Gizmodo

13 Jul 2016

KM3NeT unveils detailed plans for largest neutrino telescope in the world

Covered by The Daily Mail, International Business Times and Popular Science

24 Jun 2016

Radical pair analysis overcomes hurdle in theory of how birds navigate

Covered by The Washington Post

9 Jun 2016

Addressing antibiotic resistance: breath analysis aims to reduce unnecessary prescriptions

Covered by The Daily Mail, Medical News Today and Medical Daily

8 Jun 2016

Research News

Simple climate change contribution measure ‘remains elusive’

The search for a single and simple measure for each country’s contribution to global warming is unlikely to succeed, new research has warned.

21 Feb 2017

Researchers use mathematical modeling to explain complete destruction of Germanwings Flight 9525

An international team of researchers, led by Texas A&M mathematician Professor Goong Chen, has used the latest in visualization technology and their collective scientific expertise to chart the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525, deliberately crashed in the French Alps on March 24, 2015.

20 Feb 2017

New research makes cutting edge cancer treatment more precise

Researchers in Germany have taken an important step towards improving the accuracy of a highly effective radiotherapy technique used to treat cancer.

18 Feb 2017

Study shows dramatic increase in meltwater from Canadian glaciers

The ice loss from Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands glaciers has transformed them into a major contributor to sea level change, new research has found.

15 Feb 2017

Physics explains why rock musicians prefer valve amps

For many guitarists, the rich, warm sound of an overdriven valve amp – think AC/DC’s crunchy Marshall rhythm tones or Carlos Santana’s singing Mesa Boogie-fuelled leads – can’t be beaten.

9 Feb 2017

Ice decline means Northern Sea route may become viable shipping option

Further declines in Arctic Sea ice levels could see the Northern Sea route (NSR) open to intercontinental shipping for up to six months each year, new research has found.

7 Feb 2017

LEGO-like blocks build new possibilities for microfluidics

LEGO already has millions of applications, building everything from castles to spaceships.

24 Jan 2017