IOP Publishing launches Journal of Physics Communications

IOP Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of Journal of Physics Communications, a new multidisciplinary open access journal, offering researchers an accelerated and innovative way to publish their work.

23 Mar 2017

IOP Publishing recognises star reviewers

As part of our commitment to recognise and reward peer review, IOP Publishing is delighted to announce our Reviewer Awards winners for 2016.

17 Mar 2017

IOP and CAUL agree new and innovative consortium model

IOP Publishing and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) have announced a new agreement, covering 31 universities in Australia and New Zealand.

13 Feb 2017

IOP Publishing in News

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Did cutting edge optics help Rembrandt draw self-portraits?

Covered by The New York Times, The Times, The Daily Mail and The Smithsonian

14 Jul 2016

Knuckleball machine delivers soccer science

Covered by The Daily Mail, Discovery News' Seeker and Gizmodo

13 Jul 2016

KM3NeT unveils detailed plans for largest neutrino telescope in the world

Covered by The Daily Mail, International Business Times and Popular Science

24 Jun 2016

Radical pair analysis overcomes hurdle in theory of how birds navigate

Covered by The Washington Post

9 Jun 2016

Addressing antibiotic resistance: breath analysis aims to reduce unnecessary prescriptions

Covered by The Daily Mail, Medical News Today and Medical Daily

8 Jun 2016

Research News

Nuanced picture emerges of IS land seizure effect on agriculture in Iraq and Syria

Land seizures by Islamic State (IS) in areas of Iraq and Syria have had mixed effects on agriculture, according to a new study.

28 Apr 2017

Nano-notch sends self-assembling polymers into a spiral

Template modification could speed up the fabrication of sensing substrates and other novel structures A simple circular or hexagonal pit written into silicon can be used to generate self-assembling polymer spirals thanks to the addition of a tiny notch in the template, report scientists in the launch issue of Nano Futures.

25 Apr 2017

Global temperature hiatus claims ‘based on statistical errors’

Claims of a ‘slowdown’ or ‘hiatus’ in rising global temperatures are not supported by an in-depth analysis of statistical evidence, a new study has shown.

25 Apr 2017

African forests threatened by global demand for commodity crops

International demand for commodity crops like cocoa is putting increasing pressure on tropical forests in sub-Saharan Africa, according to new research.

4 Apr 2017

Earth’s rotation affects the wide world of sports

The inertial forces generated by the Earth as it rotates can have an impact on sports as varied as cricket, bowls, rowing, swimming and horse racing, Australian researchers have shown.

31 Mar 2017

Can you create 2D nanosheets from cat litter?

What do talcum powder, beach sand and cat litter have in common?

24 Mar 2017

Bee grooming behaviour could help with microelectromechanical cleaning

A new study on the grooming habits of bees has given new physical insight into the process of pollination, and could have implications for future microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

23 Mar 2017