Peer review information now available for online articles

You can now access detailed information about the peer review process research published on IOPscience has been through.

11 May 2018

You, IOP Publishing Limited, and protecting your personal data

A new data protection law is being introduced this May across the European Union, and it means we need you to let us know if you’re still happy for us to contact you with marketing information about our products and services after 25 May.

10 May 2018

IOP Publishing chooses Kinergy as its Charity of the Year 2018

Kinergy is a Bristol charity that provides free, confidential counselling and group therapy for survivors of sexual violence, abuse, and rape aged 16 and over across the South West.

8 Mar 2018

IOP Publishing in News

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Did cutting edge optics help Rembrandt draw self-portraits?

Covered by The New York Times, The Times, The Daily Mail and The Smithsonian

14 Jul 2016

Knuckleball machine delivers soccer science

Covered by The Daily Mail, Discovery News' Seeker and Gizmodo

13 Jul 2016

KM3NeT unveils detailed plans for largest neutrino telescope in the world

Covered by The Daily Mail, International Business Times and Popular Science

24 Jun 2016

Radical pair analysis overcomes hurdle in theory of how birds navigate

Covered by The Washington Post

9 Jun 2016

Addressing antibiotic resistance: breath analysis aims to reduce unnecessary prescriptions

Covered by The Daily Mail, Medical News Today and Medical Daily

8 Jun 2016

Research News

Drones could benefit from animals’ magnetic navigation techniques

Research by the US Air Force has found that magnetic navigation techniques used by some animals could allow autonomous vehicles to find their way without maps or GPS.

16 May 2018

Parkinson’s implant uses brain’s signals to adapt treatment

Scientists in the USA have developed a new deep brain stimulation method to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

10 May 2018

Planning for extreme temperatures could help five billion people worldwide

Acting on extreme temperature forecasts could reduce the risks posed to around five billion people by heatwaves and coldwaves, new research has found.

2 May 2018

Penguin colonies resemble liquids, physicists find

Penguins and physicists do not often cross paths, but a new physics study has found king penguin breeding colonies organise and move in a similar way to liquids.

5 Apr 2018

‘Dieselgate’ impacted climate as well as human health

Improved diesel technology, combined with generally better fuel economy, has led to the widespread belief that diesel vehicles are more environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts.

3 Apr 2018

3D modelling unlocks insight into cancer progression

Medics may soon have a better understanding of how cancer tumours grow and progress, thanks to research from an international collaboration.

29 Mar 2018

‘Digistain’ technology offers revolution in cancer diagnoses

The way cancer is diagnosed could soon be more accurate and reliable thanks to a team of British scientists.

13 Mar 2018