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06 Mar 2023

What is the future of book publishing?

Head of ebooks, David McDade looks back at ten years of IOP ebooks publishing and reviews the highs and lows of launching a brand-new book programme.    It’s 2013 and the UK is still in the afterglow of the 2012 Olympics, scientific breakthroughs are being made across the globe, including at the incredible IceCube South...

21 Sep 2022

Can offering choice to researchers reduce researcher bias?

High-quality peer review has never been more important to validate the science we publish. With research integrity regularly hitting the headlines, especially since the COVID pandemic, publishers and reviewers play a pivotal role in ensuring robust, reliable research gets published, and flawed works do not. The backbone for upholding integrity is peer review, where experts in...

28 Apr 2022

Increasing confidence and trust in research: cracking down on misconduct  

Author: Kim Eggleton, IOP Publishing’s Research Integrity and Inclusion Manager  According to Retraction Watch, a website which keeps tabs on research papers withdrawn from scientific journals, from the millions of papers published every year, about 30,000 retractions have been added to the Retraction Watch database. This number is expected to rise dramatically as research misconduct becomes...

08 Mar 2022

How double anonymous breaks the bias in peer review

By Kim Eggleton, Research Integrity & Inclusion Manager at IOP Publishing  The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (8th March) is ‘Break the Bias’, highlighting the fact that – whether deliberate or unconscious – bias can prevent women from moving ahead.   As the #BreakTheBias campaign states: “knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, action is...