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IOP Publishing's 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report

IOP Publishing celebrates staff fundraising and volunteering efforts

In 2014 alone, staff raised more than £8,000 for our adopted charity FareShare South West and gave 550 hours of their time through our volunteering initiative.

26 Feb 2015Bristol, UK
2DM cover

2D Materials indexed in Web of Science

2D Materials will now be indexed in Thomson Reuters' Web of Science, and content will appear within the next few weeks.

11 Feb 2015Bristol, UK
ABSW logo

ABSW IOP Student Science Publication Award now open

The IOP Student Science Publication Award, one of the ABSW Science Writers' Awards, is now open for entry.

11 Feb 2015Bristol, UK

IOP Publishing in the news

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Smart material chin strap harvests energy from chewing

Covered by BBC News, Daily Mail and Vice Magazine

17 Sept 2014Smart Materials and Structures

Used-cigarette butts offer energy storage solution

Covered by the Popular Science, Guardian and Daily Mail

05 Aug 2014Nanotechnology

Researchers target smartphone cameras with "smart glass" micro iris

Covered by BBC and Gizmag

19 Jun 2014Journal of Optics

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Covered by The Telegraph, LA Times and The Independent

16 May 2014Physica Scripta

High speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth

Covered by Nature News, Guardian and New Scientist

15 May 2014Environmental Research Letters

Research news

hunting exoplanets

Laser "ruler" holds promise for hunting exoplanets

The hunt for Earth-like planets around distant stars could soon become a lot easier thanks to a technique developed by researchers in Germany.

18 Feb 2015Bristol, UK
interstellar black hole

Interstellar technology throws light on spinning black holes

The team responsible for the Oscar-nominated visual effects at the centre of Christopher Nolan’s epic, Interstellar, have turned science fiction into science fact by providing new insights into the powerful effects of black holes.

13 Feb 2015Bristol, UK
mining the moon

In February's Physics World: Mining the Moon becomes a serious prospect

With an estimated 1.6 billion tonnes of water ice at its poles and an abundance of rare-earth elements hidden below its surface, the Moon is rich ground for mining.

02 Feb 2015Bristol, UK
medical implant coating

Biomaterial coating raises prospect of more successful medical implants

A novel, bacteria-repelling coating material that could increase the success of medical implants has been created by researchers.

30 Jan 2015Bristol, UK
urban heat waves

Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas, research reveals

The world's urban areas have experienced significant increases in heat waves over the past 40 years, according to new research published today.

30 Jan 2015Bristol, UK
energy harvesting shoe

Smart shoe devices harness the power of walking

Researchers in Germany have taken a significant step towards harnessing the energy that is generated through walking by engineering two separate devices that can generate power from specific aspects of the human walking gait.

15 Jan 2015Bristol, UK