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IOP Eurovision collection

Read the IOP Eurovision collection 2015

Our editors have specially selected papers to mark this year's Eurovision song contest.

20 May 2015Bristol, UK
Methods and Applications in Fluorescence cover

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence indexed in Web of Science

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence will now be indexed in Thomson Reuters' Web of Science, and content will appear shortly.

13 May 2015Bristol, UK
Webinar with Professor Malcolm Sperrin

Webinar: Professor Malcolm Sperrin

In our latest webinar, Professor Malcolm Sperrin, Director of Medical Physics, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, talks about medical physicists and radiology.

06 May 2015Bristol, UK

IOP Publishing in the news

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Smart material chin strap harvests energy from chewing

Covered by BBC News, Daily Mail and Vice Magazine

17 Sept 2014Smart Materials and Structures

Used-cigarette butts offer energy storage solution

Covered by the Popular Science, Guardian and Daily Mail

05 Aug 2014Nanotechnology

Researchers target smartphone cameras with "smart glass" micro iris

Covered by BBC and Gizmag

19 Jun 2014Journal of Optics

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Covered by The Telegraph, LA Times and The Independent

16 May 2014Physica Scripta

High speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth

Covered by Nature News, Guardian and New Scientist

15 May 2014Environmental Research Letters

Research news

STAM cover

Reported successes and failures aid hot pursuit of superconductivity

New review published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials provides invaluable data for researchers in superconductivity.

15 May 2015Tsukuba, Japan
Octopus robot

Octopus arm inspires future surgical tool

A robotic arm that can bend, stretch and squeeze through cluttered environments has been created by a group of researchers from Italy.

14 May 2015Bristol, UK
eardrum replacement

Researchers sound out scaffolds for eardrum replacement

An international team of researchers has created tiny, complex scaffolds that mimic the intricate network of collagen fibres that form the human eardrum.

07 May 2015Bristol, UK
england record temperature

England set for "substantial increase" in record-breaking warm years

The likelihood of record-breaking warms years in England is set to substantially increase as a result of the human influence on the climate, new research suggests.

01 May 2015Bristol, UK
physics world practical demonstrations

In April's Physics World: "Amazing" physics demos to keep practical science alive

Physics World has teamed up with Neil Downie to put together “five amazing physics demonstrations” that highlight the value and importance of keeping experimentation at the centre of the science classroom.

01 Apr 2015Bristol, UK
geographic tongue

Physicists shed light on mysterious tongue condition

Physicists from Israel have shed light on the intricate dynamics underpinning a mysterious tongue condition that has been puzzling the medical community for decades.

01 Apr 2015Bristol, UK