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24 Mar 2015Bristol, UK

The National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and IOP Publishing sign open access agreement

NSCL and IOP are delighted to announce the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding to support open access publications for CAS researchers.

23 Mar 2015Bristol, UK
science and the movies

The silver-screen science that is becoming a reality

With science-themed movies making a big impact at this year’s Oscars, we explore the research that is helping to turn science fiction into science fact.

09 Mar 2015Bristol, UK

IOP Publishing in the news

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Smart material chin strap harvests energy from chewing

Covered by BBC News, Daily Mail and Vice Magazine

17 Sept 2014Smart Materials and Structures

Used-cigarette butts offer energy storage solution

Covered by the Popular Science, Guardian and Daily Mail

05 Aug 2014Nanotechnology

Researchers target smartphone cameras with "smart glass" micro iris

Covered by BBC and Gizmag

19 Jun 2014Journal of Optics

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Covered by The Telegraph, LA Times and The Independent

16 May 2014Physica Scripta

High speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth

Covered by Nature News, Guardian and New Scientist

15 May 2014Environmental Research Letters

Research news

physics world practical demonstrations

In April's Physics World: "Amazing" physics demos to keep practical science alive

Physics World has teamed up with Neil Downie to put together “five amazing physics demonstrations” that highlight the value and importance of keeping experimentation at the centre of the science classroom.

01 Apr 2015Bristol, UK
geographic tongue

Physicists shed light on mysterious tongue condition

Physicists from Israel have shed light on the intricate dynamics underpinning a mysterious tongue condition that has been puzzling the medical community for decades.

01 Apr 2015Bristol, UK
biomimetic drone wing

Morphing wings help drones manage collisions

Researchers in the US have taken inspiration from nature to create a robotic wing that can recover from mid-air collisions.

26 Mar 2015Bristol, UK
fractal patterns cancer

Fractal patterns may uncover new line of attack on cancer

Studying the intricate fractal patterns on the surface of cells could give researchers a new insight into the physical nature of cancer, and provide new ways of preventing the disease from developing.

11 Mar 2015Bristol, UK
asia urbanisation

Scientists map "unprecedented" urbanization in East-Southeast Asia

Researchers have, for the first time, mapped the rapid urban expansion that has occurred across the whole of East-Southeast Asia in the last decade.

04 Mar 2015Bristol, UK
physics world superpower

In March's Physics World: Throwing light on a mysterious human "superpower"

As physics teacher David Shane explains in March’s issue of Physics World, human beings have an astonishing ability to detect the polarization of light with just the naked eye.

02 Mar 2015Bristol, UK