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AAS Nova

A new way to discover the brightest research in astronomy and astrophysics

We are pleased to announce that our publishing partner, the American Astronomical Society (AAS), has introduced a new service for the astronomy community – AAS Nova.

03 Aug 2015Washington, DC, USA
IOPscience logo

New format for 95,000 articles to deliver enhanced reading experience

A couple of years ago we launched the article evolutionTM programme designed to improve the online delivery of our research articles, making all our new content going forward available in an enhanced HTML view, in addition to the standard PDF.

28 Jul 2015Bristol, UK
Elwin Gardeur

IOP Publishing appoints Elwin Gardeur as Senior Regional Corporate Sales Manager

IOP Publishing has today announced the appointment of Elwin Gardeur as Senior Regional Corporate Sales Manager.

14 Jul 2015Amersfoort, The Netherlands

IOP Publishing in the news

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Smart material chin strap harvests energy from chewing

Covered by BBC News, Daily Mail and Vice Magazine

17 Sept 2014Smart Materials and Structures

Used-cigarette butts offer energy storage solution

Covered by the Popular Science, Guardian and Daily Mail

05 Aug 2014Nanotechnology

Researchers target smartphone cameras with "smart glass" micro iris

Covered by BBC and Gizmag

19 Jun 2014Journal of Optics

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Covered by The Telegraph, LA Times and The Independent

16 May 2014Physica Scripta

High speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth

Covered by Nature News, Guardian and New Scientist

15 May 2014Environmental Research Letters

Research news

Person eating chocolate

Chocolate physics: how modelling could improve ‘mouthfeel’

Scientists have shown how the field of molecular dynamics (simulation on a molecular level) could be a valuable tool in understanding chocolate conching – the part of the chocolate-making process where aromatic sensation, texture and ‘mouthfeel’ are developed.

26 Aug 2015Bristol, UK
The margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet in summer 2011 (c) Patrick Applegate

Study finds geoengineering technique would not stop sea level rise

Albedo modification, an emerging technology with the potential to offset some aspects of climate change, shouldn’t be counted on as a short-term solution to stop rising global sea levels, according to a new study from Penn State geoscientists.

21 Aug 2015Bristol, UK
Photo | Volunteer testing the BCI

A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton

Scientists working at Korea University, Korea, and TU Berlin, Germany have developed a brain-computer control interface for a lower limb exoskeleton by decoding specific signals from within the user’s brain.

18 Aug 2015Bristol, UK
Photo of waste food in bin

UK bottom of European avoidable food waste league

The UK produces the highest amount of avoidable food waste in Europe—equivalent to a tin of beans per person per day.

12 Aug 2015Bristol, UK
Figure | Industrial concessions in Indonesia

Could controlling fire emissions in industrial plantations be key to improving air quality in Equatorial Asia?

Researchers have combined satellite observations with atmospheric modelling to calculate how fires associated with industrial concessions in the Sumatra and Kalimantan regions of Indonesia affect air quality across Equatorial Asia.

12 Aug 2015Bristol, UK

Robo-whiskers mimic animals exploring their surroundings

Scientists have developed a robotic 'whisker' tactile sensor array designed to produce tomographic images by measuring fluid flow.

05 Aug 2015Bristol, UK