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Dr Cathy Foley

Editor-in-Chief of Superconductor Science and Technology awarded IEEE Award

Congratulations to Dr Cathy Foley who has been awarded the IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity.

17 Jul 2014Bristol, UK

Five journals to switch to electronic only

Five of IOP's research journals will become electronic only in 2015 and will no longer print paper editions.

23 June 2014Bristol, UK
absw award logo

Congratulations to the ABSW IOP Student Science Publication Award winners

IOP Publishing and the Institute of Physics wishes to congratulate the winners of the IOP Student Science Publication Award, announced at last night's ABSW award ceremony.

19 June 2014London, UK
AAS logo

American Astronomical Society Journals Going Electronic Only

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) and IOP Publishing (IOP) have decided that all AAS research journals published with IOP will become electronic only and will no longer print paper editions.

02 Jun 2014Washington DC, USA

IOP Publishing in the news

Many of IOP's products, people and developments regularly appear in the media. A selection of this coverage is listed below. IOP Publishing is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Artificial heart to pump human waste into future robots

Covered by New Scientist, Fox News and Metro

. 08 Nov 2013Bioinspiration and Biomimetics

Heat waves to become more frequent and severe

Covered by the Independent and Guardian

. 15 Oct 2013Environmental Research Letters

Scientists model extraordinary performance of Bolt

Covered by BBC, USA Today and Popular Science

. 26 Jul 2013European Journal of Physics

Australian physicists cast new light on spin-bowling

Covered by Guardian, New York Times and The Telegraph

. 05 Jul 2013Physica Scripta

Researchers estimate over two millions death annually from air pollution

Covered by BBC News, Guardian and CNN

. 12 Jul 2013Environmental Research Letters

Research news

land grabbing

"Land grabbing" could help feed at least 300 million people

Crops grown on "land-grabbed" areas in developing countries could have the potential to feed an extra 100 million people worldwide, a new study shows.

27 June 2014Bristol, UK
MRSA image

Notorious pathogen forms slimy "streamers" to clog up medical devices

US researchers have moved a step closer to preventing infections of the common hospital pathogen, Staphylococcus aureus.

27 June 2014Bristol, UK

Researchers target smartphone cameras with "smart glass" micro-iris

A small, low-powered camera component made from a "smart glass" material has been created by a group of researchers in Germany with the hope of inspiring the next generation of smartphone cameras.

19 Jun 2014Bristol, UK
Physics World cover

Physics in Brazil takes centre stage as World Cup comes to town

Physics World's editorial team reveals in a new special report how physicists in Brazil are taking full advantage of the four-fold increase in science funding that the government has invested over the past 10 years.

02 Jun 2014Bristol, UK

Billions of kg of CO2 emissions could be saved by scrapping DVDs, research suggests

A new study has shown that video streaming can be much better for the environment, requiring less energy and emitting less carbon dioxide (CO2), than some traditional methods of DVD renting, buying and viewing.

29 May 2014Bristol, UK

Nature inspires drones of the future

Researchers have been taking tips from nature to build the next generation of flying robots.

23 May 2014Bristol, UK

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Gardeners wanting to rid their spring flowerbeds of pesky snails can ditch the beer traps and egg shells and instead develop a strong throwing arm.

16 May 2014Bristol, UK