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IOP Publishing rewards outstanding reviewers for their contribution to science

27 Apr 2022 by Faye Holst

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Awards.  

Each year outstanding reviewers are selected by IOPP’s journal editors based on the quality, quantity, and timeliness of their reviews.  

From the more than 30,000 reviewers who have submitted reports to journals published by IOPP in 2021, 20 have received an Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award. IOPP has also selected another 1073 reviewers across 56 journals for their excellent work and contributions.  

Miriam Maus, publishing director at IOPP says: “With these awards we recognise and celebrate peer reviewers for their pivotal work and contribution to the world of science. Outstanding peer review forms the backbone of high-quality academic output and aides the advancement of research. Thank you to all our reviewers and congratulations to all who have been recognised for their outstanding, prompt, and rigorous peer review reports.”

In support of researchers looking to enhance their reviewer skills and confidence, IOPP launched Peer Review Excellence, the world’s first peer review certification programme dedicated to the physical sciences two years ago. Over 2000 reviewers achievedIOP trusted reviewer’ status in 2021, meaning that more than 9000 reviewers have now been trained and accomplished trusted reviewer status. Achieving ‘IOP trusted reviewer’ status demonstrates an exceptionally high level of peer review competency. 

Thank you to everyone who provides this valuable service, and congratulations to the winners for this year!  

The 2021 Outstanding Reviewer of the Year award winners are:  

Click here to see the full list of awarded reviewers. 

  • Applied Physics Express, Dr Atsushi Yamaguchi  
  • Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, Dr Angel Caputi  
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity, Dr Karl-Peter Marzlin  
  • Environmental Research Communications, Dr Nergui Nanding  
  • Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Professor Kenji Yoshida  
  • Journal of Optics, Dr Adrián Ruelas  
  • Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Dr Costantino Budroni  
  • Journal of Physics Communications, Dr Matthew Lake  
  • Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Dr Trevor Lafleur  
  • Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Dr Tomohiro Nozaki  
  • Journal of Radiological Protection, Ms Shelly Mobbs  
  • Materials Research Express, Mr William Sganzerla  
  • Measurement Science and Technology, Dr Alexey Pavluchenko  
  • Metrologia, Dr Joanne Zwinkels  
  • Nano Express, Dr Manoko Maubane-Nkadimeng  
  • Nanotechnology, Dr Vivek Saraswat  
  • Nonlinearity, Professor Tomas Persson  
  • Physics in Medicine and Biology, Dr Eleftherios Pappas  
  • Quantum Science and Technology, Dr Priyanka Mukhopadhyay  
  • Smart Materials and Structures, Mr Jiefeng Sun 


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