Peer review excellence: IOP training and certification

A first-of-its-kind peer review certification programme, Peer review excellence: IOP training and certification is co-delivered by top-level physicists and offers a blend of online learning and hands-on peer review experience. Achieving ‘IOP trusted reviewer’ status demonstrates an exceptionally high level of peer review competency.

Demonstrating excellence in peer review

The only peer review training programme tailored for the physical sciences, Peer review excellence: IOP training and certification offers a mix of online workshops and digital learning with the opportunity to gain hands-on review experience – all supported by the programme’s ambassadors (top-level physicists from across the globe) and experienced reviewers and editors of IOP Publishing journals. The comprehensive and rigorously assessed programme, co-delivered by our ambassadors, will increase trust in the process and standardise the quality of peer review across the physical sciences.

Peer review elearning hub

Build your peer review competency online through our elearning hub. It delivers an ‘always-on’ and fully interactive learning experience with courses streamed seamlessly online so that you can boost your peer review knowledge and expertise at your own pace, with the possibility of standing out as an ‘IOP Trusted Reviewer’ once the full course has been completed and verified.

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IOP trusted reviewer status

‘IOP trusted reviewer’ status will be achieved following the submission of a top-quality review report, as graded by our experienced editors. It indicates a high level of peer review competence and the ability to constructively critique scientific literature to an exceptional standard.

Review with confidence

Peer review is a critical component of the scientific process. When completed properly by dedicated and competent reviewers, it helps to safeguard the quality, validity authority and rigour of academic work. Early career researchers are valuable members of the process but being asked to review can sometimes be a daunting task if you’ve not had much experience of reviewing before. Early career researchers who complete the programme will gain the knowledge and experience to review with confidence. Peer review excellence: IOP training and certification will cover the challenges and responsibilities involved in the process and provide the opportunity to review a manuscript.

How do I achieve IOP trusted reviewer status?

IOP trusted reviewer status is designed to recognise the very best peer reviewers in the physical sciences. We anticipate that only the top 15% of our reviewers will achieve this recognition. Find out more about the two routes to achieving IOP trusted reviewer status.

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Peer review at IOP Publishing

We are dedicated to providing a high-quality peer review experience, with more than 60 staff across our global offices dedicated to managing the peer review process, allowing reviewers and board members to concentrate on the science. We are committed to providing a fair and impartial review process, and to providing the fastest possible service to authors.

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Press release

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is revolutionising peer review learning with the launch of the world’s first peer review certification programme dedicated to the physical sciences. ‘Peer review excellence: IOP training and certification’ will give early career researchers the ability to review with confidence, increasing trust and standardising the quality of the process.

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