Functional composites journal launched in partnership with KSCM

17 Dec 2018 Simon Davies

IOP Publishing and the Korean Society for Composite Materials (KSCM) have partnered to launch a new journal – Functional Composites and Structures (FCS).

Co-owned by KSCM and IOP Publishing, FCS will deal with materials with mechanical integrity, whose functional properties can be achieved, promoted, or synergistically improved by a combination of two or more components.

Professor Woong-Ryeol Yu, from Seoul National University, (Republic of Korea) is the new journal’s Editor-in-Chief. He said: “The launch of FCS is extremely timely. Functional composites (and structures) are essential to the advancement of next-generation technologies and cultures in the fourth industrial revolution. They will also have a role to play in the promotion of human welfare in overcoming global energy and environmental crises, and climate change.

“New scientific knowledge in this field will enable innovative advancements in living necessities, mobile devices, sporting goods, transportation (land, marine, and aerospace), energy and environmental applications, and will aid in the creation of a variety of new competitive industries.”

Elaine Tham, Associate Director for IOP Publishing, said: “FCS will serve the international community by rapidly communicating high-quality research results and technological developments. We are extremely excited to launch it, and very pleased that the KSCM chose IOP Publishing as its partner.”

FCS is open for submissions now. For more information, visit the journal homepage.