Trio of new journals publish their first papers

29 Nov 2018 Simon Davies

The first content has been published in three new additions to IOP Publishing’s journal portfolio – Electronic Structure, JPhys Energy and Plasma Research Express.

The three journals were launched to cater for the needs of specific research communities.

The first issue of Electronic Structure contains articles from six countries using both experimental and computational techniques, covering topics from 2D materials to magnetism.

Among the articles is one co-authored by editorial board member Professor Steffen Duhm, from Soochow University in China. He said: “Our work includes elements from various fields like synthetic chemistry, materials science, solid state physics, and organic electronics. The focus, however, is on interfacial electronic structure, as measured by metastable atom electron spectroscopy (MAES) and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS).

“For such work, a dedicated interdisciplinary journal has been missing and Electronic Structure fills this gap. The journal will provide a unique opportunity for the electronic structure experts of each community to look beyond our own backyard.”

JPhys Energy’s first issue features papers from first issue features papers by teams from China, Australia, Brazil, the USA, and the UK.

Editor-in-Chief Professor John Irvine, from the University of St Andrews (UK) said: “There is little doubt that energy is one of the most pressing issues for governments, businesses and society throughout the world. The World Energy Council succinctly summed up the challenges in terms of the ‘Energy Trilemma’, which illustrates the tension between the demands of the economy, the environment and society.

“It is therefore critical to foster high-quality research concerning energy; delivering robust science, bringing new concepts forward and promoting collaboration across disciplines. This can be enabled through open dissemination of high-quality scientific dialogue. JPhys Energy aims to set the agenda in identifying and publishing the most impactful work in emerging and cutting-edge areas of energy-related research.”

Reflecting the journal’s intended reach and inclusive editorial policy, the first content in Plasma Research Express includes papers from Brazil, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Romania and Belgium, which collectively cover a mixture of experimental and theoretical work on several representative topics in plasma science.

Editor-in-Chief Professor Hae June Lee, from Pusan National University, Republic of Korea, said: “Plasma Research Express is aimed at all plasma scientists, in all parts of the world. It will build upon the world leading reputation IOP Publishing already has in plasma physics. Through the viewpoint of plasma science, the journal’s multidisciplinary coverage will reflect the complete breadth of how research in the field now intersects with the physics, astrophysics, materials, chemistry, biomedical and engineering communities.”