Updated iPhone apps

11 Jan 2011 iopp"> iopp

IOP Publishing (IOP) has today released the latest versions its popular iPhone applications, IOPscience expressand physicsworld.com newsflash.

The two apps have been designed to allow users to keep up to date with IOP’s flagship publications in the physical sciences. Significant improvements have been made to the functionality of both apps in response to feedback from customers, and the new versions are fully compliant with OS4 and reader friendly on the iPad.

The new apps can be downloaded free of charge via iTunes or the App Store and will replace the previous versions.

“These two new editions of the apps have significantly improved on the first releases, making it even easier for our customers to keep on top of the latest in science news and research” said Nicola Gulley, Editorial Director of IOP. “We welcome feedback and will continue to work closely with the scientific community to develop tools that reflect the changing work patterns and needs of our customers.”

The IOPscience express app lets users download up to 20 articles per month, free of charge, from content published in the last two years in over 40 primary research journals. 16 new titles have been added to the latest release, including for the first time several journals published on behalf of partner organizations. Improved search functionality allows users to find papers by author as well as by abstract and title.

The physicsworld.com newsflash app allows users to search and download the latest news articles from physicsworld.com, and has been downloaded more than 23,000 times since its original release in January 2010. The updated app offers improved layout and navigation to make it much easier for users to read articles on their iPhone. It also now includes links to related stories, and users can share articles via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.