Superconductor Science and Technology Advisory Board member receives award

14 Mar 2013 iopp"> iopp

Professor Robert Hadfield of the University of Glasgow, UK and Advisory Board member of IOP Publishing’s Superconductor Science and Technology, has received the J&E Hall Gold Medal of the Institute of Refrigeration. This international award is given annually for the most significant advance in refrigeration and related technologies.

Professor Hadfield received the award for developing superconducting infrared single-photon detector technology via advances in cryogenic engineering. He has employed these detectors in a range of applications at the frontiers of science, from quantum information processing to medical diagnostics.

Tom Miller, Publisher of Superconductor Science and Technology said: “Robert joined Superconductor Science and Technology’s Advisory Board in 2012 and has published an outstanding review in the journal. Congratulations to Robert on winning this award.”

Professor Hadfield is senior author of a major topical review, ‘Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors: physics and applications’ which is featured in Superconductor Science and Technology’s highlights of 2012.