Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Student Poster Prize

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2014: The poster prize was awarded to Livia Casali (IPP Garching), Himak Anand (Ecole Polytecnice Federal de Lausanne ), Alexandra Vallet (Centre Laser Intenses et Applications (CELIA) laboratory, University of Bordeaux-I ) and Brendan Kettle (Queens University Belfast).

2013: Four awards were made for the best posters presented at the 40th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, the winners are:

  • John Omotani for “Non-local parallel transport in the tokamak scrape-off layer”.
  • Yevgen Kravets for “Energy losses due to radiation reaction in an intense laser pulse”.
  • Didier Vezinet for “Soft X-Ray cooling factor low dependency on transport: investigating the domain of validity”.
  • Sina Fietz for “Interaction of neoclassical tearing modes with externally applied magnetic perturbations at ASDEX Upgrade”.

2012: The best student poster was awarded at the Joint 18th International Stellarator/Heliotron Workshop and 10th Asia Pacific Plasma Theory Conference to Robert Wilcox from the HSX Group at the University of Wisconsin for his work on Measurement of Reynolds Stress Flow Drive in the HSX Stellarator.

Rules and criteria

  • The competition is only open to PhD students.
  • The competition is judged by members of the PPCF Editorial Board and the EPS Programme Committee.
  • For entry details, please contact

Additional information

  • Four prizes of €150 each are awarded to the winners at the conference’s closing ceremony.