Physiological Measurement appoints Randall Moorman as new Editor-in-Chief

06 Jun 2013 iopp"> iopp

Professor Randall Moorman has been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of Physiological Measurement, a journal published by IOP Publishing in partnership with the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

Professor Moorman, a clinical cardiologist, is a 1978 graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, and trained in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases at Duke University where he was Chief Medical Resident in 1982-3. After post-doctoral training at Baylor University in molecular electrophysiology and membrane biophysics, he has been at the University of Virginia since 1990.

Since 2000, the major research effort of his group has been in early detection of subacute potentially catastrophic illnesses using readily available bedside monitoring data. His research has been published in many journals, including Physiological Measurement.

Professor Moorman takes over from Professor Richard Bayford of Middlesex University, who has been Editor-in-Chief since 2008. Professor Moorman starts his role as Editor-in-Chief in January 2014, for an initial 3-year term.

Professor Moorman said about the journal: “The twin revolutions of big data and open access are underway, and Physiological Measurement is ideally positioned to lead the clinical and engineering community into an age where monitoring data are used to improve outcomes of patients. It is the ideal organ for dissemination of new results, and for collective consideration of new ideas and directions.”

A journal for systems in physiology and medicine, Physiological Measurement bridges the gap between the laboratory and the clinic. It is a valuable title for universities with biomedical engineering departments, clinical departments in hospitals, and any group performing physiological measurements or monitoring of patients.