Nuclear Fusion Award

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Each year, the Nuclear Fusion Editorial Board shortlist ten papers for the Nuclear Fusion Award.



R.J. Goldston for ‘Heuristic drift-based model of the power scrape-off width in low-gas-puff H-mode tokamaks’

Read the shortlisted papers for the 2015 prize.


Phil Snyder for ‘A first-principles predictive model of the pedestal height and width: development, testing and ITER optimization with the EPED model’

Read the shortlisted papers for the 2014 prize.


D G Whyte for ‘I-mode: an H-mode energy confinement regime with L-mode particle transport in Alcator C-Mod’

Read the shortlisted papers for the 2013 prize.


Pat Diamond for ‘Physics of non-diffusive turbulent transport of momentum and the origins of spontaneous rotation in tokamaks’

Read the shortlisted papers for the 2012 prize.


H Urano, T Takizuka, Y Kamada, N Oyama, H Takenaga and the JT-60 Team for their paper ‘Dimensionless parameter dependence of H-mode pedestal width using hydrogen and deuterium plasmas in JT-60U’

Read the shortlisted papers for the 2011 prize.

Rules and criteria

  • The Nuclear Fusion Editorial Board judges this award, considering papers published in Nuclear Fusion three years ago.
  • Nominations are based on citations and recommendation by the Board of Editors. The winner, selected by secret ballot, is the one judged to have made the greatest scientific impact.
  • Award winners are announced in October.
  • Presentations for the winners are made at the Fusion Energy Conference. (Note that this is a bi-annual conference and so during non-conference years, the award winner is announced but the presentation is postponed until the following year.)

Additional information

  • The prize winner is awarded with a cheque for $2500.