New Journal of Physics Early Career Award

09 Jan 2016 iopp"> iopp

New Journal of Physics (NJP) has always been a journal that embraces innovation. And the potential we see in new researchers is something we think should be celebrated. So in 2015 we created the NJP Early Career Award.



Winner: Dr Angela Demetriadou (Imperial College London, UK) was recognised as being an extremely talented and enthusiastic young researcher.

Winner: Dr Leonardo Mazza (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy) was recognised as being among the most promising young theorists in the area of cold atomic gases.

Runner up: Dr Marcus Doherty (Australian National University, Australia) was highlighted as being one of the principal contributors to the rapidly expanding field of diamond-based quantum technologies.

Rules and criteria

Nominees must:

  • be a PhD candidate or have received a PhD qualification within the past 5 years. They should be nominated by a senior member of their department (e.g. Department Head, Research Group Leader or Principal Investigator).
  • have contributed as an author to at least one article published in/submitted to/accepted for publication in New Journal of Physics in the 12 months prior to the award closing date.

Additional information

  • The winner will receive: €3000; one full article publication charge waiver to be used in NJP by the end of the year following the award, and 50% waiver on the next two papers; awarded an official certificate; and a video interview will be featured on the NJP YouTube Channel.
  • The runner-up will receive one full article publication charge waiver to be used within the following 12 months from the award.