Physics World Special Report: Mexico

16 Sep 2015 iopp"> iopp

The foreign media often present a skewed view of modern-day Mexico as a land riddled with violence, drugs and corruption.

This new Physics World special report, however, aims to show that as far as science is concerned, many physicists in Mexico are doing engaging and vital work that deserves to be more widely known.

After visiting key labs, researchers and policymakers in Mexico, the Physics World team find three priorities for physicists – improving education, boosting the country's international profile and decentralizing research away from the capital.

Also in the report:

  • Monitoring a smoking giant: Explore a plan to use muons to peer inside the throat of Mexico's famous Popocatépetl volcano
  • Mexico's space mountain: Looking more like a set of a science-fiction movie, find out about the HAWC experiment, one of Mexico's first truly international scientific projects.
  • Revisiting the crater of doom: Scientists get set to explore the ocean section of the crater formed by the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs.

Read the report and let us know your thoughts by emailing or on Twitter using #MexicanPhysics.