Meet the Journal of Optics’ Reviewer of the Year 2016: Professor Tie Jun Cui

20 Jul 2017 simond
Professor Tie Jun Cun

Dedicated to metamaterials and plasmonics research, Professor Tie Jun Cui, from Southeast University, People’s Republic of China, enjoys reviewing manuscripts for the Journal of Optics, a high-standard and high-impact international journal that covers all areas of pure and applied optics.

A recent example of a paper that resonated with him was an article entitled “Optical quantum memory based on electromagnetically induced transparency” (Ma, Slattery and Tang 2017 Journal of Optics 19). In it, the authors present the physical principle and theory of quantum memory, and discuss the key technologies for implementing quantum memory based on electromagnetically induced transparency.

Similar to many referees, Professor Cui looks for novelty in the form of new ideas and results when reviewing. He is keen to help authors, viewing the task as an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the latest developments in optics research.

Professor Cui advises new reviewers to read related published papers before tackling the manuscript. Once equipped with relevant knowledge, the reviewer should take their time, seeking out novelty and reviewing methodically.

Generally, Professor Cui believes that the current peer review process is of high standard, although his one suggestion for change would be for editors to select reviewers from different regions and backgrounds. This, he feels, would help encourage diversity in opinions.