Measurement Science and Technology Outstanding Paper Awards

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Each year, the Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology presents a series of ‘Outstanding Paper Awards’ in recognition of the breadth of excellent articles submitted to the journal. Several awards are presented under the different subject categories covered in the journal.



Fluid Mechanics: D Krug, M Holzner, B Lüthi, M Wolf, A Tsinober and W Kinzelbach for their paper ‘A combined scanning PTV/LIF technique to simultaneously measure the full velocity gradient tensor and the 3D density field’.

Optical and Laser-based Techniques: Atsushi Miyamoto, Deshan Chen and Shun’ichi Kaneko for their paper ‘Bootstrapping de-shadowing and self-calibration for scanning electron microscope photometric stereo’.

Precision Measurement: E A Lima, A C Bruno, H R Carvalho and B P Weiss for their paper ‘Scanning magnetic tunnel junction microscope for high-resolution imaging of remanent magnetization fields’.

Biological, Medical and Life Sciences: E Garaio, J M Collantes, F Plazaola, J A Garcia and I Castellanos-Rubio for their paper ‘A multifrequency eletromagnetic applicator with an integrated AC magnetometer for magnetic hyperthermia experiments’.

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Rules and criteria

  • Winning articles are selected by the Measurement Science and Technology Editorial Board for their excellent novelty, achievement, potential impact and presentation.

Additional information

  • Certificates and a monetary prize are awarded to the authors of each paper.