Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Best Paper Prize

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Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical awards up to three Best Paper Prizes every year to celebrate well written papers that make significant contributions to their fields.



David Gómez-Ullate et al for their paper ‘High-precision percolation thresholds and Potts-model critical manifolds from graph polynomials’

Jesper Lykke Jacobsen for his paper ‘High-precision percolation thresholds and Potts-model critical manifolds from graph polynomials’

Timothy J Hollowood et al for their paper ‘An integrable deformation of the AdS5 × S5 superstring’


Juan Maldacena and Alexander Zhiboedov for their paper ‘Constraining conformal field theories with a higher spin symmetry ‘

John Cardy for his paper ‘Some results on the mutual information of disjoint regions in higher dimensions’

David S Dean, Shamik Gupta, Gleb Oshanin, Alberto Rosso and Grégory Schehr for their paper ‘Diffusion in periodic, correlated random forcing landscapes’


M McKague, T H Yang and V Scarani for their paper ‘Robust self-testing of the singlet’

M A Vasiliev for his paper ‘Holography, unfolding and higher spin theory’


S V Manakov and P M Santini for their paper ‘Solvable vector nonlinear Riemann problems, exact implicit solutions of dispersionless PDEs and wave breaking ‘

Lionel Mason and David Skinner for their paper ‘Amplitudes at weak coupling as polytopes in AdS5

Gaëtan Borot and Céline Nadal for their paper ‘Purity distribution for generalized random Bures mixed states’


G Kalnins, W Miller Jr and S Post for their paper ‘Coupling constant metamorphosis and Nth–order symmetries in classical and quantum mechanics’

Alexandre Lazarescu and Kirone Mallick for their paper ‘An exact formula for the statistics of the current in the TASEP with open boundaries’

Luis F Alday, Juan Maldacena, Amit Sever and Pedro Vieira for their paper Y–system for scattering amplitudes’


Jérôme Dubail, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen and Hubert Saleur for their paper ‘Critical exponents of domain walls in the two-dimensional Potts model’

Frédérick Tremblay, Alexander V Turbiner and Pavel Winternitz for their paper ‘An infinite family of solvable and integrable quantum systems on a plane’

Diego Bombardelli, Davide Fioravanti and Roberto Tateo for their paper ‘Thermodynamic Bethe ansatz for planar AdS/CFT: a proposal’


Find out who the previous winners were and read the previous winning articles on IOPscience.


Rules and criteria

  • All original research articles published in the journal in the past two years can be considered for a prize.
  • Nominations are judged by Journal of Physics: Mathematical and Theoretical’s Section Editors using the criteria of novelty, achievement, potential impact and presentation.
  • To make a nomination for the Best Paper Prize, please send an e-mail to Journal of Physics: Mathematical and Theoretical’s editorial office ( giving the publication details of the paper and stating (in no more than 1000 words) how it meets the criteria listed above.
  • Authors cannot nominate their own papers.
  • Please note that Topical Review articles are not eligible for the Best Paper Prize.


Additional information

  • Up to three prizes will be presented per year.
  • The winning authors will be presented with a monetary prize.