IOP Publishing teams up with Kudos to help authors raise visibility of their research

05 Mar 2014 iopp"> iopp

IOP Publishing (IOP) is pleased to announce that we will be teaming up with Kudos in 2014 to offer our authors a new way to further raise the visibility of their research.

As a result of this partnership, many of IOP’s authors will be invited to use Kudos’ tools to explain their work in “plain English” (to increase its accessibility), to share these explanations via email and social media (to increase discoverability), and to measure the effects of these activities on abstract views, downloads and Altmetric scores.

Jo Allen, Head of Marketing for IOP said: “IOP is delighted to be working with Kudos and the other publishing partners to fund this initiative, which we are confident will make a significant difference to the visibility and reach of scientific research of our authors.”

During 2013 pilot phase for Kudos, articles that were explained and shared by their authors using Kudos’ tools saw an average of 19% higher daily downloads than a control group of articles for which Kudos’ tools were not used.

The Kudos platform is currently undergoing substantial re-development and will be re-launched in April 2014; any researcher will be able to register for free, to use the site for explaining and sharing any article, though usage data will only be available for articles added by participating publishers. For more information, visit where you can also sign up for ongoing news updates.