IOP Publishing introduces ebooks collection to Latin America

24 Jul 2013 iopp"> iopp

IOP Publishing (IOP) presented its new ebooks program for the first time in Latin America, showcasing unique features and benefits to librarians and scientists and encouraging regional authors to submit their own book ideas.

During the reception, held at Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the IOP team, together with their ebook publishing partner Morgan & Claypool, explained the collection’s highlights, including born-digital content, a suite of multimedia platform enhancements, and books from renowned leaders in physics.

Joel Claypool, co-founder of Morgan & Claypool Publishers, said: “The legacy-free aspects of the program – publishing digitally from the onset of production – allow works to become available more quickly and content updates to be applied swiftly and seamlessly.”

The IOP ebooks™ program features two collections – Expanding Physics™ and Concise Physics™. Expanding Physics publishes definitive texts from leading voices across the research landscape on key areas in physics and related subject areas. Concise Physics, developed in partnership with Morgan & Claypool, focuses on shorter texts in either rapidly advancing areas or topics lacking an introductory text. In combination, the two series serve the needs of undergraduate students to advanced students and experts in both industry and academia.

The first titles announced for the Expanding Physics collection are:

  • Renewables: A review of sustainable energy supply options (David Elliott)
  • Semiconductors: Bonds and bands (David K. Ferry)
  • Mathematical Theory of Composite Materials and Exact Relations (Yury Grabovsky)
  • Robustness of Network of Networks (Shlomo Havlin, Jianxi Gao, and Amir Bashan)
  • The Embedding Method for Electronic Structure (John E. Inglesfield)

During the wrap-up researchers and librarians were encouraged to contact their IOP representatives for information on submitting their own book ideas and details on purchasing the collections.

For more information about IOP ebooks, visit , send an inquiry by email to, or call +1 (215) 627-0880.

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