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09 Feb 2017 simond

Presenting Physics World Discovery

IOP Publishing is excited to announce the launch of a new resource for the physics community. Physics World Discovery will publish accessible, long-form features that replicate the style and editorial approach of our award-winning flagship magazine Physics World.

Written with clarity and flair by leading voices from across the scientific community, Physics World Discovery will provide readers with an expert introduction to the hottest topics in physics, spanning established and emerging research disciplines.

Jamie Hutchins, Publishing Director at IOP Publishing said, “This is an exciting experiment. It allows our authors to work directly with our science journalists to create engaging material that helps readers of all levels to understand the importance of research in the physical sciences, and how it connects to broad societal issues. Physics World Discovery is straightforward for authors to write, published rapidly, and allows an interested reader to grasp new concepts and trends quickly.”

The first five publications in the Physics World Discovery collection showcase a range of diverse and fast-moving research areas, spanning quantitative finance; proton beam therapy; complex light; space weather; and the dark universe.

Professor Catherine Heymans, from the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, is the author of The Dark Universe. She said: “The Physics World Discovery series provides exciting and accessible material to educate students and others about the latest challenges in fast-moving research fields. Thanks to Physics World’s reach and strong reputation for presenting physics in a way that is easy to understand, I was delighted to contribute to the Discovery series by writing about observational techniques to study dark matter and dark energy. I recommend this new series whole-heartedly.”

The Physics World Discovery collection will grow throughout 2017, with each title freely available to the global research community on the IOPscience platform, where our journals, ebooks and Physics World content can also be found.