Fluid Dynamics Research Prize

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Each year the Editorial Board of Fluid Dynamics Research (FDR) selects an outstanding article published in the previous year to be awarded the FDR Prize.



Stefan Zammert (Philipps-Universtät Marburg, Germany) and Bruno Eckhardt (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) for the article ‘Periodically bursting edge states in plane Poiseuille flow’


S Koch, U Harlander, C Egbers and R Hollerbach for the paper ‘Inertial waves in a spherical shell induced by librations of the inner sphere: experimental and numerical results’


Michihisa Tsutahara for the paper ‘The finite-difference lattice Boltzmann method and its application in computational aero-acoustics’


Naoaki Saito and Keiichi Ishioka for their paper ‘Interaction between thermal convection and mean flow in a rotating system with a tilted axis’


M A Sokolovskiy and X J Carton for their paper ‘Baroclinic multipole formation from heton interaction’


Masaki Shimizu and Shigeo Kida for their paper ‘A driving mechanism of a turbulent puff in pipe flow’

You can read the papers by previous FDR prize winners here.

Rules and criteria

  • The article must contain rigorous scientific work, be highly novel, exhibit a significant advancement to the field and above all be an extremely interesting read.

Additional information

  • The prize is announced in an editorial published in the journal along with an announcement on the journal homepage. The author(s) of the winning article are presented with a certificate and plaque by the Japanese Society of Fluid Mechanics.