eprintweb.org switch off

12 Jun 2014 iopp"> iopp

We set up eprintweb.org in 2007 as an IOP Publishing mirror of arXiv.org. Just like arXiv.org, eprintweb.org, was launched as a free resource in which researchers could access e-print records, specifically in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology. It was built upon the successful arXiv.org e-print archive hosted at Cornell University.

The site has remained in “beta” since launch and usage in recent years has been very low. Following a thorough review of the site, we found that eprintweb.org does not provide a user experience beyond that provided by arxiv.org. We will therefore be switching off eprintweb.org on 30 June 2014 so that we can focus on other online services requested by the scientific community.

We recognize that some users may be disappointed by this move but we are confident that arXiv.org provides an excellent user experience and encourage all researchers to use this service. Go to arXiv.org.