CERN Courier 60th-anniversary special issue published

25 Sep 2014 iopp"> iopp

This year marks the 60th anniversary of CERN, one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. To celebrate this anniversary, CERN and IOP Publishing have produced a special issue of CERN Courier, a magazine published 10 times a year for the international particle-physics community.

The special October 2014 issue includes a pictorial timeline illustrating key moments in CERN’s history, a collection of short articles highlighting what CERN has meant to people from various regions of the world, and the view of a physicist and former science minister on CERN’s future direction. The issue also celebrates the 80th birthday of Carlo Rubbia, the organization’s only director-general to have received a Nobel prize for his work at CERN.

Christine Sutton, editor of CERN Courier, said: “The team at IOP have a creative, professional approach that always leads to an attractive magazine. It’s been especially exciting working together on the 60th-anniversary issue.”

First published in August 1959, CERN Courier now has more than 75,000 readers worldwide. IOP Publishing has published the magazine for the past 16 years, providing production, marketing and advertising services, while CERN continues to manage all editorial content.