2015 Product Catalogue and prices now available

20 Aug 2014 iopp"> iopp

IOP Publishing’s (IOP) 2015 Product Catalogue and prices are now available on our Librarian Channel.

The Product Catalogue is available online to allow IOP to reduce its environmental impact. However, a print/save-on-demand function is available for customers wanting a printed version.

If you have any questions about your subscriptions, please contact subqueries@iop.org. Customers in the Americas can contact info@ioppublishing.com.

Changes in 2015

Titles going electronic only

Beginning in 2015, nine journals in the IOP portfolio are going electronic only. This decision has been prompted by a decline in demand for the print editions of these journals, while the number of electronic-only subscribers has significantly grown. Five of our medical journals as well as titles published in partnership with the American Astronomical Society (AAS) are affected:

Libraries that currently subscribe to the print and electronic versions of these journals will be offered an electronic-only renewal for 2015.

Journal Print ISSN Online ISSN
Biofabrication 1758-5082 1758-5090
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 1748-3182 1748-3190
Biomedical Materials 1748-6041 1748-605X
Journal of Breath Research 1752-7155 1752-7163
Physical Biology 1478-3967 1478-3975
The Astronomical Journal (AJ) 0004-6256 1538-3881
The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) 0004-637X 1538-4357
The Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL) 2041-8205 2041-8213
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series (ApJS) 0067-0049 1538-4365

Invoicing for The Japan Society of Applied Physics titles

From 2015, existing IOPscience extra or IOPcorporate subscribers will no longer have to renew their Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) and Applied Physics Express (APEX) subscriptions separately. Subscribers will be invoiced a single amount for IOPscience extra or IOPcorporate, which will include the JJAP and APEX value. Subscribers no longer need to take out a separate stand-alone JJAP or APEX subscription.


Subscription invoices will automatically incur a reduction in price where research articles have been partially funded by SCOAP3 in Chinese Physics C and the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. The relevant discount applied to the 2015 prices is in accordance with the percentages agreed with the SCOAP3 consortia. For further information on SCOAP3, visit IOPscience.

IOP ebooksTM

The IOP ebooks programme, launched in 2013 and named a finalist in the ALPSP Innovation in Publishing Awards, comprises two complementary collections. The 2015 release is now available for permanent purchase and includes 20 IOP Expanding Physics TM titles and 40 IOP Concise PhysicsTM titles.

New materials journals

Two new journals, 2D Materials and Materials Research Express have been launched as a direct response to requests from the materials science community. IOPscience extra, IOPcorporate and

Pack Z subscribers will automatically gain access to these titles through their 2015 subscription.