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Transparent Peer Review

Transparent peer review shows the complete peer review process from initial review to final decision. This means that alongside the published article, readers can see a full peer review history, including reviewer reports, editor decision letters and the authors’ responses. Each element has its own digital object identifier (DOI) to help readers easily reference and cite the peer review content.

“It’s possible transparency may increase the quality of the peer review process, and could also aid teaching of best practice in peer review,” said Marc Gillett, Head of Publishing Operations at IOP Publishing.

“We want to test the appetite for transparent peer review in our communities by giving authors and reviewers the choice to display the review history of the article. We hope the community will find it useful, and we’re looking forward to seeing what level of uptake it gets.”

The first articles with transparent peer review were published in early 2020 in Journal of Neural Engineering:

Granger causality analysis of rat cortical functional connectivity in pain

Neurophysiological correlates of force control improvement induced by sinusoidal vibrotactile stimulation

Controlled local release of PPARγ agonists from biomaterials to treat peripheral nerve injury

Linear versus deep learning methods for noisy speech separation for EEG-informed attention decoding

In Environmental Research Letters:

Living within a One Planet reality: the contribution of personal footprint calculators

Sub-national variability of wind power generation in complex terrain and its correlation with large-scale meteorology

Widespread warming trends in storm temperatures and snowpack fate across the Western United States

What our response to the COVID-19 pandemic tells us of our capacity to respond to climate change

In JPhys Materials:

Mo doped TiO2 impact on oxygen vacancies, anatasephase stability and photocatalytic activity

Towards low- loss on-chip nanophotonics with coupled graphene and silicon carbide: a review

You can read the complete peer review history of these published articles by clicking on the Publons badge on the article page.