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Peer Review Excellence: training and certification

We offer the world’s first peer review certification programme dedicated to the physical sciences. ‘Peer Review Excellence: training and certification’ is co-delivered by top-level physicists and offers a blend of online learning and hands-on peer review experience. Achieving IOP Trusted Reviewer status through the programme demonstrates an exceptionally high level of peer review competency. 

IOP Trusted Reviewer status  

IOP Trusted Reviewer status is designed to recognise the very best peer reviewers. Only the top 15% of our reviewers will achieve this recognition and receive certification.  

We’re the only publisher recognising reviewers based on the quality of their reviews.  Once you have completed our Peer Review Excellence training and/or submitted an outstanding review, you will receive IOP Trusted Reviewer certification.   

Find out what excellent peer review looks like

Why undertake Peer Review Excellence training?

The rigorously assessed course and workshops are designed with busy early career researchers in mind. The programme is supported by our own experienced reviewers and Editoral Board Members. Here are just some of the reasons to take the course:   

  • Boost your reviewer competency
  • Help standardise the quality of peer review  
  • Increase trust in the peer review process  
  • Fast track to IOP Trusted Reviewer status 

Find out more or sign up here for our online Peer Review Excellence course.

Introducing the IOP Publishing Peer Review Excellence elearning hub

Meet our peer review ambassadors 

Our peer review ambassadors are senior researchers who have a wealth of experience peer reviewing manuscripts in the physical sciences and a passion for training the next generation of reviewers. 
The Ambassadors co-chair the Peer Review Excellence workshops for physical sciences researchers around the world. 

Meet our peer review ambassadors

Peer Review Excellence highlights


More than 2000 Peer Review Excellence graduates


More than 10,000 researchers have become an IOP Trusted Peer Reviewer


More than 4,300 researchers have signed up to our elearning hub