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Subscribing institutions can register for full-text access to the electronic versions of the journals to which they subscribe at no extra cost. In addition to the latest issues of the journals to which they subscribe, registered institutions also gain access to a 10-year backfile, plus many value-added features.

To obtain online access for your institution, please complete and return our registration form. We will then register your institution for online access to all subscribed journals.

Please note: you only need to register your institution once. It is not necessary to register each time you subscribe to a new title. If you would like to tell us about any changes to your institution’s details, e.g. IP address, site contacts, etc, please complete our feedback form or e-mail the information to

Registration form


Do I need a network licence?

If you are interested in networking your electronic resources between different sites and libraries within your organisation or are already doing so, then you may require a network licence.

Further information is available from our Customer Services Department,

What can I register by way of IP addresses?

You can register class B subnets, class C subnets or individual IP addresses (or ranges thereof). We need to know the first two sets of numbers for each class B subnet (e.g. 130.111) or the first three sets of numbers for each class C subnet (e.g. 193.61.240). If you have a range of subnets then please supply them in this format: 193.61.1 to 254. All of the IP addresses you list must be registered so that they can be looked up on regional registries. You will need to specify the location of each subnet you register (e.g. Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA).

If you operate caching or proxy servers within the subnets you register, you will need to supply us with the IP addresses.