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The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) and IOP Publishing have come together to create a comprehensive collection of ebooks in medical physics and biomedical engineering.

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Aimed at advanced-level students, researchers and practitioners, this series features text and reference books in medial physics, biomedical engineering and related subjects. Topics covered include clinical engineering, diagnostic radiology, informatics and computing, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, physiological measurement, radiation protection, radiotherapy, rehabilitation engineering, ultrasound and non-ionising radiation.

A number of IPEM–IOP titles are published as part of the EUTEMPE Network Series for Medical Physics Experts. The EUTEMPE-Net modules are advanced comprehensive Medical Physics modules designed to help Medical Physicists attain Medical Physics Experts level in their specific Medical Physics speciality. For further information please go to
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Editorial Contact

Michael Slaughter

Senior Commissioning Editor

Phoebe Hooper

Phoebe Hooper

Editorial Assistant

Committe Chairperson

Indra J Das

New York University
Radiation dosimetry, nanoparticles, treatment planning, proton beam, small field, Radiochromic film and MRI

Meet the Editorial Advisory Board

Carmel J Caruana

University of Malta
Diagnostic and interventional radiology, protection from ionising radiation and other physical agents, and legislative/professional/E&T issues in medical physics

Rory A Cooper

University of Pittsburgh
Rehabilitation engineering

Frank Verhaegen

Maastro Clinic, Maastricht, the Netherlands
Radiation physics and imaging for radiotherapy, and preclinical research with precision irradiation in animal models

Alicia El Haj

University of Birmingham

Kwan Hoong Ng

University of Malaya, Malaysia
Breast imaging, radiological protection, radiation dosimetry, medical physics education, and risk communication

John A Hossack

University of Virginia
Use of ultrasound in both clinical/pre-clinical imaging and to effect localized drug delivery

Penelope Allisy-Roberts

formerly of BIPM, Sèvres, France
Radiological protection

Tingting Zhu

University of Oxford
Information engineering, machine learning, biomedical signal processing, computational health informatics, mobile health

Dennis Schaart

TU Delft, the Netherlands
Positron emission tomography (PET), time-of-flight (TOF) PET, PET/MRI, and proton radiotherapy