myPrint is a new service offering individuals at institutions who have purchased IOP ebooks the chance to buy their own personal print copy, direct from

The offer is available on any book that your institution has purchased electronically, and is priced at £25/$30 (excluding shipping and VAT) per copy. The books come in a durable paperback format, with full-colour cover, black and white contents, and monochrome illustrations (where present).

We work with our trusted distribution partners, NBN International, to supply the books and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

Benefits of myPrint

  • Available across hundreds of titles in the IOP ebooks programme, at an affordable price
  • Order directly and exclusively via book pages on
  • Each myPrint comes in a high-quality paperback format, with colour printed cover, black and white contents, and monochrome illustrations (where included)
  • Where titles include multimedia or supplementary materials in the online version, these resources are made available on the corresponding book page on for free reference
  • No additional cost to the library – this is a benefit of your ebooks license with us and proudly brought to you by your librarian

How to buy myPrint

1. Visit and find the book you are interested in. Click onto the ebook page and locate the myPrint “Buy Now” button.
NOTE: The myPrint option will only be displayed and available to purchase on those titles to which your library holds an ebooks license.
2. Select the myPrint “Buy Now” button, which adds the book of your choice to the basket.
3. Follow the instructions to our secure checkout, hosted by our trusted distribution partner, NBN International, who will process and ship your myPrint copy as soon as the order is placed.

Contact us

For more details on the service, please Contact us
For any order-specific questions, please contact

Alternatively, see our myPrint Frequently Asked Questions