Work in Publishing Week at IOP Publishing

20 Nov 2019 Simon Davies

This week is Work In Publishing Week, a national campaign run by the Publishers’ Association to inspire young people aged 14-24 to pursue a career in publishing.

As part of this, some of our staff have shared the reasons they work in publishing, and why they enjoy it.

Here’s what they had to say:

Kim Eggleton Portrait“I work in publishing because I love being able to contribute to the advancement of science. Despite not being a scientist, I know that I help get amazing work published, and that makes me feel really proud. It’s also an exciting time in the industry – as people change the way they produce and consume information we have to try to be one step ahead, so we’re always working on new ideas and testing them out!” Kim Eggleton, Research Integrity and Inclusion Manager


Hana Purslow“I work in publishing as I love the fact I can help library communities promote and share our expert content with the research community. I love marketing and assisting institutions all over the world with bespoke solutions – it’s something I am extremely passionate about, as well as working for a society publisher! I know what I do to help will go back in to the scientific community and that brings great reward.” Hana Purslow, Marketing Executive


“I work in publishing because there is a real variety in the work I do.  No two days are the same. Here in the IT Department we are actively encouraged to experiment, test, refine and share what we learn. I’m surrounded by ambitious, clever and supportive people – everyone’s ideas are welcome.”  Ben Brown, Digital Delivery Lead



‘I work in publishing because I like how academic publishing proactively adds to known science. I also enjoy the community spirit around it.’ Lucy Joy, Associate Editor




“I work in publishing because, much to people’s surprise, it’s an ever-evolving world. Even in the very-down-to-earth field of subscriptions sales I’m learning something new every day. Because of the upcoming next digital revolution, my job has now become a constant process of learning and teaching new concepts from and to librarians and researchers.” – Fran Brazzorotto, Regional Sales Manager



“I work in publishing because we play a small but important part in gathering and publishing content that helps humankind in its quest in the pursuit for knowledge about ourselves, the universe and everything in it. We’re talking about influencing global policies on how we care for our planet; enabling advances in medical care; and a paper we published last year demonstrated that plasma technology could be used to create a stable and reliable source of oxygen to sustain human life on Mars!” Nick Gibson, Continuous Improvement Manager