Vision Prize collaborates with environmentalresearchweb

13 Aug 2013 iopp"> iopp

Vision Prize, an online research platform for capturing expert opinion, and IOP Publishing’s community website, environmentalresearchweb, have signed an agreement that recognises a shared mission to communicate as widely as possible the views of scientists on issues concerning the environment.

Through inviting scientists to complete short polls on key topics on climate, Vision Prize aims to provide better understanding and clearer communication of the views of scientists to the general public and financial markets. environmentalresearchweb supports the environmental science community by providing news, analysis and commentary on their website and fully supports Vision Prize’s mission.

The Vision Prize polls invite expert participants to give their own opinions and beliefs, as well as their predictions of the views of their colleagues. Through this non-partisan initiative, the research community helps to raise awareness about environmental topics as well as highlight common points of agreement or disagreement on key topics.

Vision Prize compiles h-index scores of participants using Google Scholar, which provide an approximate measure of a scientist’s cumulative research impact, for use in benchmarking and data analysis. Participants are recognised for their contribution and their accuracy in gauging the views of their peers by being listed on a leadership board and having the chance to win earn a gift card for their charity of choice.

Peter Kriss, Director of Research at Vision Prize said: “Faulty assumptions about scientific opinion, especially on complex topics like climate risk, can inhibit effective decision making. We’re excited to be collaborating with environmentalresearchweb, one of the world’s premier providers of scientific analysis and commentary, to meet the crucial need for visibility into the views of climate scientists.”

Tim Smith, Senior Publisher at IOP Publishing said: “Vision Prize is unique in the approach that it takes to gain opinion from real experts in the field. It is a great subject fit for us and we are delighted to be collaborating through environmentalresearchweb to ensure that their polls have as wide a reach as possible.”

The newly-released Quarter 3 poll questions on various topics in climate risk is open at