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Transformative agreements: making universal access to research a reality

10 Jan 2023 by Faye Holst

“It’s not if, but how – open access is the future of scholarly publishing, yet the debate on how to accelerate its growth continues,” writes Julian Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director at IOP Publishing in a blog first published by Research Information. 

IOP Publishing has been an open access (OA) publisher for more than 20 years. We recognise the incredible value and impact of scientific research and believe that wider and faster access to this trusted source of knowledge is key to advancing scientific discovery.

Our data tells us that OA content is downloaded 80% more than paywalled content and cited 30% more. We know that publishing on an OA basis significantly increases research visibility, but that doesn’t mean we can rush headfirst into a fully open world. A careful approach is needed to ensure that the transition to OA is fair for all researchers, irrespective of where they are based geographically, their subject area or the funding support they receive. At the same time, the transition needs to consider the costs necessary to produce, protect and preserve the quality of peer review and publication upon which excellent research relies.

Read the full article on page six of Research Information’s Yearbook 2022/2023.

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