The Electrochemical Society launches two new gold open access journals with IOP Publishing  

16 Dec 2021 Faye Holst

The Electrochemical Society (ECS), together with IOP Publishing, is launching two new, fully open access (OA) journals. ECS Advances and ECS Sensors Plus add to the Society’s journal family and provide the research community with a diverse suite of interconnected journals sharing impactful research across the world.   

ECS Advances delivers a platform for research across all areas of electrochemical and solid-state science and technology research, with the broadest dissemination of all journals in the field. The ECS Advances journal will be led by an editorial board drawn from ECS’s flagship Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES) and ECS Journal of Solid-State Science (JSS). 

ECS Sensors Plus offers a specialized outlet for all content related to sensors technology. The journal will lead and promote scholarly communication and interactions among scientists, engineers, and technologists whose primary interests focus on materials, structures, properties, performance, and characterization of sensing and detection devices and systems, including sensor arrays and networks. The newly formed ECS Sensors Plus editorial board, led by founding editor-in-chief Dr. Ajit Khosla of Yamagata University, directs the journal.    

Coupled with rigorous peer review, the new journals deliver a fast route to publication with articles accessible to readers within 24 hours of peer review acceptance. Immediately upon publication, articles published in the two new OA journals are freely available to everyone to read and reuse, provided attribution to the author is given. Publication is funded by article publication charges (APCs) which are waived for both journals during the inaugural year.  

The two new journals begin accepting submissions on January 3, 2022 and will be available on IOP Publishing’s content platform, IOPscience. As well as accepting direct submissions, the journals also offer the option to transfer manuscripts submitted to other ECS Journals. 

The Electrochemical Society comments: 

“With the expansion of our diverse suite of open access journals, we advance the discoverability of new and exciting findings in the fields of electrochemistry and solid-state science. We believe that by freeing science from paywalls, we democratize research. It is our mission to rapidly advance our important sciences and society at large.”  

Miriam Maus, publishing director at IOP Publishing says: 

“ECS’s new OA journals are testament to our shared ambition to make research openly available, maximize visibility and accelerate scientific discovery. We are pleased to broaden our authors’ publishing choice and to expand our relationship with ECS.”