Physics World science communication award 2018

01 Jun 2018 Simon Davies

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Physics World, IOP Publishing and several Chinese partner organizations have established a new science-writing award focusing on the advances China is making in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

The award aims to communicate research advances to a global scientific audience, and is open to early-career researchers from China working in physics or a related discipline. Entrants must be either current PhD students or postdocs/researchers who have completed their PhD in the last 10 years.

Entries will be reviewed by an advisory panel comprising senior Chinese scientists, senior librarians, as well as science communication specialists. The winning writer will be awarded a $2,000 research travel grant, while the top 10 entries will be published in the 2018 Physics World Special Report on China.

Entrants for the award will need to answer the question: “How is your research contributing to China’s rise as a leading scientific nation?” Submissions need to be written in English and aimed at scientists working across a wide range of disciplines, as well as scientifically minded members of the public.

“We want to know about the broader impact of scientific research – how it may have enhanced China’s standing in a particular field, or inspired new applications or commercial products,” explained Joe McEntee, Associate Director at IOP Publishing “We’re looking for writers who can present complex ideas with clarity and flair. They’ll need to be persuasive and combine creativity with technical accuracy.”

The award has been organized in partnership with the Chinese Physical Society; The Intellectual Media, LLC; Division of Science Popularization and Publishing, Bureau of Science Communications, CAS; and the Chinese Science Writers Association.

The Physics World science communication award is open now, and the deadline for entries is 31st July 2018. For more information about how to enter, please visit the homepage.