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IOP Publishing makes access to cited articles easier with GetFTR

14 Feb 2024 by Cait Cullen

IOP Publishing has extended its use of Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) to make it easier for researchers to access referenced work on its content platform, IOPscience.

The integrated GetFTR indicator enables readers to see at a glance which cited articles are available to read next, with smart links for direct access. GetFTR icons signpost researchers to full text articles available through open access or their institutional library’s subscriptions.

Matthew Keen, Product Manager at IOP Publishing says: “We always aim to improve the researcher experience on IOPscience. Now authors only have to look at the GetFTR symbol behind the reference they would like to read to be assured of a seamless pathway to the article of interest. This will help our authors spend more time on their valuable research.”

Dianne Benham, Product Director at GetFTR says: “This is another step in realising our joint ambition to simplify the process for researchers. Researchers can now quickly confirm access permissions as they discover articles, book chapters or indeed references. This promotes scientific discovery and wider access to research worldwide.”

In 2022, IOP Publishing implemented the first iteration of GetFTR to all journal titles on IOPscience. This offered researchers an easier streamlined pathway to the Version of Record of the journal article on IOPscience, using real-time entitlement checks. The integration of GetFTR also means libraries and researchers are spared the time to opt-in, register, or download additional software, as GetFTR links are automatically integrated into their existing resources, ensuring effortless access to research content.

More than 60 publishers and integrators have now integrated GetFTR to support streamlined access to over 80 million research articles. Currently, 60% of all scholarly content is now available through GetFTR.

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