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IOP Publishing celebrates one millionth article (and counting)

27 Feb 2020 by Simon Davies

IOP Publishing celebrates one millionth article (and counting)

27 Feb 2020

Simon Davies

  • Millionth article is published in New Journal of Physics, the pioneering open access journal launched by the Institute of Physics and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
  • Milestone is reached as 150,000 archive articles from The Electrochemical Society are added to IOPscience


IOP Publishing (IOPP) has reached a remarkable milestone – one million articles have been published on its online platform, IOPscience.

As the publishing arm of the Institute of Physics, which this year celebrates its 100-year anniversary, IOPP collaborates with the scientific community to deliver impact, recognition and value. The million-article milestone has been reached, in part, thanks to The Electrochemical Society (ECS) choosing to publish its journals with IOPP, and the availability of more than 150,000 of its articles on IOPscience.

The millionth article, entitled ‘Distributed quantum sensing enhanced by continuous-variable error correction’ was published in the prestigious New Journal of Physics (NJP)Launched by the Institute of Physics and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft in 1998, NJP was the first open access journal to publish original research across all areas of physics.

The study, by Quntao Zhuang of the University of Arizona, John Preskill of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and Liang Jiang of the University of Chicago appeared on 26 February in Volume 22. It explores the robustness of realistic distributed quantum sensing protocols by using continuous-variable error correction codes.

Professor Preskill said: “Having our research freely and openly available was extremely important to us, hence our decision to publish it in one of the most established open access physics journals. Becoming IOP Publishing’s millionth article is quite a wonderful bonus.”

Antonia Seymour, Publishing Director for IOP Publishing, said: “Our millionth article is a significant moment in IOPP’s and the Institute of Physics’ history. IOPP has always looked to embrace new opportunities, new technologies and ways to open up scientific communicationWe’re also very proud of the respect and trust that IOPP has built over the years with our publishing partners.

“It is extremely fitting therefore, that this article is not only being published open access, but in a journal with one of our longstanding partners – the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, which this year is marking 175 years since its inception. Thanks must also go to a more recent partnership with The Electrochemical Society for helping us to reach this milestone as we publish and host their respected current and archive journals.

“We’re looking forward to the next million articles as we continue to serve the scientific community across academia and industry.”

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