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First North American authors awarded IOP Publishing’s ‘Top-Cited Paper Awards’    

15 Nov 2023 by Faye Holst IOP Publishing's North American Top Cited Paper Awards IOP Publishing's North American Top Cited Paper Awards

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is celebrating the significance of North American research with its ‘top-cited paper awards’. For the first time, the awards are presented to corresponding authors from North America who are in the top one per cent of the most-cited articles published within IOPP’s portfolio of journals in the last three years.   

Together, nearly 130 articles from North American authors received over 15400 citations. The single most cited paper from this region, which studies Astronomy and Astrophysics received 795 citations in total. 

This year, the awards have been extended to North American authors who have published papers including four growing subject areas in the physical sciences. Citations to papers about Machine Learning have grown by 44% in the last five years, citations to Energy Materials papers saw an increase of 23%, Nano Science 10% and Quantum papers saw citations increase by 12.1%. These emerging fields represent 9.5% of the selected top cited papers confirming the growing interest in these subjects.   

IOPP’s Top Cited Paper Awards have been granted to Chinese and Indian researchers since 2017 recognising their strong research presence across the global scientific community and their valuable contribution to Physics.  

“North America is home to some of the most renowned universities and its culture of collaboration and innovation contributes to its status as a growth market for academic papers in expanding areas in the physical sciences. Our Top Cited Paper Awards recognise the valuable and far-reaching influence these top cited papers exert within the global scientific community.”   

Miriam Maus, Chief Publishing Officer at IOP Publishing

To see the list of successful papers, click here.   


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