Dimensions Badges added to IOPscience

16 Oct 2018 Simon Davies

Researchers can now find extra detail on when, where and how their work with IOP Publishing (IOP) journals is being cited.

A new agreement between Digital Science and IOP brings Digital Science’s Dimensions Badges to IOP’s journals platform, IOPscience.

Available free to publishers whose content is entirely open access, or indexed as part of the ReadCube Discover program, the badges provide extended citation metrics for individual articles. They make it easier for authors and readers to see and explore the academic impact of a publication.

Visitors to the IOPscience platform can click on any of the badges, which show a count of citations the article has received, to view the associated badge details page.

The details page provides a breakdown of where the citations have been made, as well as the Field Citation Ratio (how much the item has been cited in comparison with similarly-aged articles in the same field); Recent Citations (how much the article has been cited in the last two years); and the Relative Citation Ratio (which shows the relative citation performance of an article, when compared to other articles in its area of research).

Stuart Tucker, Digital Delivery Lead at IOP, said: “Improving the citations information available to IOPscience readers was our goal. Previously, readers could only see the citation total and a list of places an article was cited. The Dimensions Badges provide far more detail, so bringing them in was an easy decision.”

Christian Herzog, who led the Dimensions project at Digital Science said: “Enabling people to more easily find and analyse the impacts of work in their field is a core aim of Dimensions. It’s great to see IOP Publishing taking the opportunity to deliver this value to their users, and we hope that visitors to the IOPscience platform will find these metrics useful.”

The Dimensions Badges are live for articles published in IOP-owned journals on IOPscience pages now.