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IOP Publishing Ltd
Registered in England and Wales
Company no 00467514 VAT registration no GB 461 6000 84

Chief Executive

Antonia Seymour

Chief Finance Officer

Oliver Callaghan

Chief Publishing Officer

Miriam Maus

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Julian Wilson

Head of Marketing Communications

Rachael Harper

Head of Publishing Operations

Kim Eggleton

Contact Kim with questions about journal submission and article reviewing.

Associate Director, Journals Product Development

Tim Smith

Contact Tim with questions about IOPP’s subject coverage, or to submit suggestions about new journal launches

Associate Director, Journals Strategy

Daniel Keirs

Contact Daniel for further information on IOPP’s Open Access strategy.

Head of Books and Conference Proceedings Publishing

David McDade

Head of Production

Liz Martin

Contact Liz with questions about the production process for journal, books and conference proceedings.

Associate Director, Content and Engagement Marketing

Claire Webber

Contact Claire if you have questions about IOPP’s marketing activities and conference attendance.

Vice President Sales & Marketing APAC

Rick Liu

Library Marketing Manager, APAC

Amy Jin

Marketing Executive, in charge of Greater China and SEA

Mico Zhang

Marketing Executive, in charge of Australia and New Zealand

Tingting Qin

Academic Sales China

Tao Xu

Academic Sales South China

Peng Guo

Account Manager

Liang Chen

Account Manager

Heng Jiao

Academic Sales Australia and New Zealand, Corporate Sales APAC

Neil Byrne

Regional Sales Manager Japan

Manabu Kidoguchi

Regional Sales Manager, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia

Tracy Huang

Head of Books and Conference Proceedings Publishing

David McDade

Senior Publisher - Conference Series

Anete Ashton

Operations Manager - Conference Series

Rosalind Barrett

Commissioning Editor - Conference Series

Lorna Wroe

Commissioning Editor - Conference Series

Feichi Gao

Commissioning Editor - Conference Series

Rachelle Morris

Proceedings Editor - Conference Series

Liz Strawbridge

Proceedings Editor - Conference Series

Joshua Sinclair

Conference Series Coordinator

Sarah Fishman

Editorial Assistant - Conference Series

David Edwards

Editorial Assistant - Conference Series

Cat Leyland

Head of Sales and Marketing – EMEA

Frauke Ralf

Group Sales Manager

Patrick Doogue

Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Turkey

Academic, government and corporate sales

Lukas Piasecki

Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia

Academic, Government and Corporate Sales

Abdallah Asad

Middle East and North Africa

Academic, government and corporate sales

Rhys Freshwater

Belgium, Ireland, Israel, The Netherlands, Sub-Saharan & South Africa and United Kingdom

Academic, government and corporate sales

Reinhard Schuelke

Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland

Global Transformative Agreement Success Manager

Emma Bartovsky

EMEA Library Marketing Manager

Holly Purcell

Library Account Developer

Nia Jones

Library Account Developer

Samantha Papuca

Library Account Developer

Barbara Zarzycka

Regional Director

Prabu Desikan

Account Manager - North

Arti Manoja

Account Manager (West) Commercial

Sunil Kumar

Account Manager -East

Sanjay Dutta

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Sharice Collins

Regional Sales Manager

Ben Reisman

Regional Sales Manager

Stan Smith

Regional Sales Manager

Rob Bernier

Account Executive

Jeff Spratley

Corporate and Government Sales

Greg Schraft

Head of Media Group

Jo Allen


Matin Durrani

Commercial Operations Manager

Ed Jost

Group Adverting Manager

Chris Thomas

Display Advertising: Germany, Asia-Pacific

Tom Houlden

Display Advertising: The Americas

Curtis Zimmermann

Subject specialist: Biophysics and bioengineering

Katrina Davis

Display Advertising: Europe, Russia, South Korea, Middle East, The Americas

Matt Persson

Recruitment Advertising: UK and North America

Natasha Clarke

Recruitment Advertising: Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Sarah Andrieu

Subject specialist: Medical Physics

Paul Rucci

Display Advertising: UK

Ben Mealing

Marketing Executive

Sandra Stevens

Senior Regional Manager, Latin America

Natasha Diez

Senior Regional Manager, Latin America

Karla Olivera Medel

Customer Services Manager, Electronic Services Support

Matthew Keen

Customer Service Representative

Matthew Bennett

Customer Service Representative

Emily Hurley

Customer Service Representative

Oliver Lucas

Customer Service Representative

Sarah Plenty

Subscription Administrator, Journals

Dawne Goodwin

Subscription Administrator, Journals

Robert Tovey

Customer Service Representative for North, Central and South America

Cole Charron