The Biophysical Society and IOP Publishing have forged a new publishing partnership to support the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics through the creation of a comprehensive collection of ebooks.

The collaboration will bring the world-leading expertise and domain knowledge of the Biophysical Society into the rapidly developing IOP ebooks programme to build a library of content that defines biophysics and serves this growing and diverse research community.

About the books

The programme will publish textbooks, monographs, reviews and handbooks covering all areas of biophysics research, applications, education, methods, computational tools and techniques. Subjects of the collection will include: bioenergetics; bioengineering; biological fluorescence; biopolymers in vivo; cryo-electron microscopy; exocytosis and endocytosis; intrinsically disordered proteins; mechanobiology; membrane biophysics; membrane structure and assembly; molecular biophysics; motility and cytoskeleton; nanoscale biophysics; and permeation and transport.

Commissioning of the new series is already underway and the first titles will be published in 2019. The programme will be supported by a specially selected editorial advisory board, comprising experts from the biophysics community who will identify key areas of interest for the Biophysical Society’s members and the wider community.

Why ebooks?

By creating born-digital ebooks, authors are able to fully exploit ever-evolving digital-publishing capabilities such as embedded video and audio. Multimedia and advanced features become an integral part of the ebook, offering an enhanced reading and research experience.

New books will be available in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, EPUB 3 and MOBI for Kindle, meaning books will be available to read on different devices and with options for multimedia and mathML. Print on demand will also be available.

The content will not have digital rights management (no-DRM), allowing unlimited concurrent usage. The new book series will be hosted on IOPscience, which will maximise discoverability by providing journals and books content to readers on a single platform.

Want to know more?

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Interested in publishing in the Biophysical Society series?

We welcome you to join in the development of this programme. If you would like to submit a book proposal, please contact

If you are interested in being part of this unique programme, we would like to hear from you. In the first instance, please submit a summary of your proposal, detailing the topic, concept, competition and potential audience to, including a current biography and contact details.

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