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We’re celebrating 10 years of publishing quality, innovative and ground-breaking books for the physical sciences. We know we couldn’t have got this far without you, our authors, readers and customers and we will be recognising this in our celebrations during the year.

Celebrating IOP ebooks authors

Over 3,000 authors, editors and contributors have published within the IOP ebooks programme in our 10 years. We recently reached out to some of our authors to hear about their experience in writing their book, advice they’d like to share about the process and crucially, would they do it again? First in our series is renowned biophysicist Claudia Tanja Mierke.

Read our interview with Claudia to find out what drives her writing and what tips she would give to anyone considering becoming an author. 

When Jacopo Iannacci was first approached by IOP ebooks to publish a book he said ‘No, but I will think about it’. Fast forward 5 years and he’s published two.

Read our interview with Jacopo to find out what made him choose us, and what advice he would give to fellow authors. 

Having never considered writing a book Paul Skrzypczyk found himself accidentally writing one when there was no clear book for his research needs.

In this blog post from Paul Skrzypczyk, he lays out why he decided to publish a book, and how he found the whole experience.

Evolving formats, human support

Lincoln Carr, theoretical physicists at the Colorado School of Mines, US and editor of IOP ebooks series in quantum technology believes we made the right decision 10 years ago to launch a digital books programme. “The IOP’s profit model goes right back into science. So as a scientist, I think you can feel good about a book – which may or may not be a bestseller – but will be used for the right things,” he says. Lincoln has been involved with the IOP ebooks programme since its inception and predicts there will always be a place for traditional printed books, but within academic publishing the ebook format will eventually take over completely. “It’s not going to be about having a beautiful book from the 1880s, or even 1960s. It’s going to be about having books that incorporate digital content, that one day work with VR and AR,”.

Read the full article here

What’s in store?

During the coming months, we’ll be looking back at some of our amazing authors, from our very first David Ferry to one of our most recent Dee Wu, reviewing the past 10 years and counting down the most popular titles, chatting with librarians, and getting to know some of the key staff at IOP ebooks.

Introducing Ashley Gasque, Senior Commissioning Editor at IOP ebooks

Watch our interview with Ashley as she reveals how she got started out in books commissioning and what she enjoys most about her role. She also shares some advice for first time authors, how she can tell which books are going to be a success and what book she’s enjoyed working on the most. 

What challenges?

Head of ebooks, David McDade looks back to the past 10 years of IOP ebooks and reviews the highs and lows of launching a brand new books programme. And what does the future of books publishing hold? Augmented reality anyone..?

Downloadable infographic

We are proud of what our book programme has achieved over the last 10 years, 3m book requests, almost 300 repeat contributors… these are just some of the successes that our authors, readers and librarians have helped us accomplish since 2013. Celebrate more standout achievements with us in this downloadable infographic.