We are a successful and growing international organisation with a business presence and IOP Publishing employees in 10 countries. Our ambition is to be the world’s leading scientific publisher and we are constantly exploring new ways to succeed in the very competitive publishing industry. This function is integral in helping us achieve our bold vision. Within this function, we have roles in global sales, B2B sales, marketing and partner development.

Regional sales

Any financial surplus generated by IOP Publishing is used by the Institute of Physics to support science and scientists in both the developed and developing world. Therefore, we need to ensure that we are maximising sales revenue for all our publishing products, including our journals, magazines and ebooks. This is the vital role of our regional sales team. Focusing on specific geographic regions, we develop and implement sales strategies through field sales calls to key decision makers, as well as telephone, e-mail and personal contact. We also attend working conferences and exhibitions.

Partner development

We also grow our business through partnerships, launches and acquisitions. Partner development concentrates on identifying and securing new partners for our high-quality journals and products. We work closely and proactively with other IOP Publishing departments and colleagues to further raise our profile and win new partnerships.

Marketing executive

The marketing executive has responsibility for advising stakeholders on a marketing strategy for their portfolio of products, including selecting marketing channels and activities that will successfully fulfill campaign and product objectives. You’ll be responsible for making day-to-day decisions about how campaigns will be executed and keeping them within agreed budgets, as well as setting project deadlines and maintaining a steady workflow. Your actions will be key to the growth and maintenance of the business in terms of both editorial and revenue generation.