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Open Science: Data Availability Statements

Open Science: Data Availability Statements

IOP Publishing has trialled a new data policy on three of our journals – Environmental Research Letters, Journal of Physics: Complexity, and Machine Learning: Science and Technology – to encourage and support authors to make the data underpinning their article more accessible.

The policy requires authors to include a data availability statement with their article, indicating whether data is accessible and, if so, where it can be found and under what licensing terms. The policy also strongly encourages authors to share their data.

Marc Gillett, Head of Publishing Operations at IOP Publishing, explained: “In the interests of research transparency and reproducibility, we hope our authors will want to make their data available to readers, reviewers and editors.

“It is helping us to formalise our wider data policies and develop different approaches to suit the numerous scientific communities our journals serve. It also enables us to test the response to data availability statements from those communities.”

We have seen an encouraging uptake of open data from authors. Seventy-five per cent of papers submitted since the start of the trial have opted to either make data freely available, or available from the authors on request.