Adding value, delivering impact

At IOP Publishing, we want everything we do to add value to the work of the scientific community. This means that we work closely with the community to anticipate and respond to changes in the way researchers use and share information. Important to this work is how measuring impact, return on investment, international collaboration and cross-disciplinary teams affect scientific research.

IOP Publishing provides a range of services to help the scientific community register, validate, edit, disseminate, preserve and maximise the discoverability and authority of their research. Here are some of the ways we do it.


Manage and support journals and their brands

We bring together high-quality editorial boards, identify high-interest research areas for new journal launches, and set and maintain ethical and quality standards.


Distribute research online, as well as physically

We have a platform developed especially for academic journals, offer print on demand, provide links to citations and related articles, and manage copyright and licensing.


Demonstrate research's impact and reach through metrics and statistics

We provide article, author and journal-level metrics, and participate in standards initiatives relating to online usage and measurement.


Journal papers and their authors

We offer free promotional access in print, online and digital formats for newsworthy papers, publicise individual journal papers to news media and via social media, and cover the best papers in our magazines and on our newly redeveloped community websites.


The peer-review process

We have a database of several hundred thousand reviewers, offer training for reviewers and authors, manage reviewer workloads, pre-review articles for subject/quality criteria and offer language editing.


Production services for articles ahead of publication

We typeset, proofread, prepare XML articles, edit to ensure consistency and clarity, standardise references, assign DOIs and publish articles online.