Embargo policy

The embargo time and date refers to all material, including images and videos, provided on this site and issued to journalists by email. Please note that embargo times will almost always lift at 00.01am UK time (unless otherwise stated); however, it is possible that on some occasions the paper will be published shortly before the embargo lifts. In these instances, the embargo will lift once the paper appears online.

It is therefore recommended that journalists check whether the paper is online before publishing their story.

If journalists wish to share the content in order to gain comment from a third party, the embargo time and date must be clearly relayed and the journalist must obtain their agreement to comply with the terms of the embargo. It is the journalist’s responsibility to ensure that the embargo is not broken if the material is passed on to a third party, and the journalist shall be responsible for any actions of such third parties.

When journalists are reproducing any content from this site, via a sent email or from newswires such as EurekAlert!, they must endeavour to correctly credit the journal in which the paper will be published by stating its full title. Where possible, a link must also be inserted directing back to the published paper (links can be found in each press release).

Journalists wishing to reproduce any supplementary images or videos must contact the IOP Publishing Press Office, (e-mail ioppublishing.press@iop.org).

IOP Publishing reserves the right to withdraw press releases, and resulting material, at any time before the embargo date. A retraction statement will be issued if the paper isn’t going to be published.

Contact details of a paper’s authors will be provided for the sole purpose of journalists contacting them with questions related to that paper only. Journalists must not use such contact details for any other purposes, or pass them to any third party.

Failure to adhere to any of the above points may result in the termination of your access to the embargoed area and removal from any media/mailing list.